The Crislers

Getting To Know “The Crislers”

Meet Eva and Marshand Crisler. Eva Crisler is running for “Hinds County Supervisor” and Marshand Crisler is running for “Hinds County Sheriff”. The Crislers are current residents of Jackson, MS, and are fighting for the community through education, being community activists, and leading by example.

This power couple shares 10 children together and are members of New Jerusalem Church in Jackson, MS. This beautiful couple are also newlyweds, recently getting married on July 2, 2021. Along with the love that they share for each other, they also share a love for their community.

With Eva working as the manager of the Family and Youth Division and Marshand as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the city of Jackson, they began this journey of being the “Obama’s” of Jackson, Mississippi. Behind every great man lies an amazing woman.

Eva Crisler Running for Hinds County Supervisor District 1

Eva Crisler is from Goodman, MS. She was born and raised in Holmes County and is the second oldest of two, her mother’s name is Eva Lee Howard and her father is Robert Howard. At an early age, Eva moved to Chicago, IL, and stayed there for 20yrs roughly.

Later she made a decision to relocate to Jackson, MS. Living in Jackson wasn’t at the top of her list as a place to settle down but things quickly changed as she began to become more involved with the community. The things she witnessed as a child sparked her interest in social work.

Eva had a heart for broken families or abused and neglected children in her community at a young age and wanted to become a part of the solution to keep the families together. She went to school and majored in Social Work. Eva has a passion for connecting with others.

She enjoys reaching out and understanding the need of others by being active through mind mapping and brainstorming ideas to create solutions with her peers. Eva gets joy out of helping others reach their goals. Her personal experience involved her mother Eva Lee Howard, who showed her firsthand the importance of family by taking care of not only her kids but her sister’s kids.

Eva has always carried a trait of leadership that seeks change for her community.

Eva’s Experience and Educational Background

Eva was the first in her family to earn a Bachelor’s in Professional Interdisciplinary Studies from Jackson State University. She has also received a Master’s in Educational Technology. Eva is currently in the dissertation phase of finishing up a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration at JSU. She has over 20 yrs in Social Services.

In 2000, Eva joined Friends of Children INC helping over 250 families in the Central Mississippi area with nutritional needs. In 2014, Eva carried on the position of Manager of the Family and Youth division for the city of Jackson. Eva has helped over 300 youths with summer youth programs and employment opportunities.

In 2015, she started her own realty company. “REL Affordable Houses” was established here in Jackson and provides a second chance for renters to have a place to stay. Eva is pushing to replace businesses that have relocated and working to increase wages for employees.

She wants to create an organization that will come together and address the issues of the citizens by also providing education and resources to small business owners to improve growth. Behind her stands a man of power, Mr. Marshand Crisler.

The Crislers

Meet Marshand Crisler, Candidate for Hinds County Sherriff

Marshand Crisler a native of Greenville, MS born to Johnny and Rosia Crisler. He is the middle child of 4 siblings. Marshand states that “it is very important the city of Jackson understands the duties of a sheriff”. Most citizens think the duties are “law enforcement” but it’s actually “corrections”. His experience started at 18 years old, after 1 year at Hinds Community College where he also played football. Marshand took a break from school called a “stop out” not a “drop out” because he then enlisted in the Marine Corps. He later took on the position of a military police officer for the Marine Corps. His experience on a tour in Iraq lead to his transfer to the United States Army National Guard.

Marshand’s first assignment was where his family is located in Crystal Springs, MS, Marshand was ecstatic to show family and friends his hard work and accomplishments. “Operations of Iraqi Freedom” was his first mission as City Councilman in Jackson, MS . This assignment in 2004, led to his placement in Iraq for 366 days. Assigned Enemy Prisoners of War (EPW Operations), his unit from Canton, MS which was responsible for housing and guarding Saddam Hussein because of the history of service from the 112 unit. Marshand retired as a “Major” from U.S Air Force and has always been a man of achievement through leadership. Wrapping up his skills with 20yrs as a veteran of the Hinds County Sheriffs Department, I would say he is well over qualified to take Jackson, MS in a new direction.

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Jackson Do Your Research and Vote For the Crislers on August 8, 2023

The Crislers
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