Jhené Aiko Releases “Calm & Patient” Single

Jhené Aiko is ushering in a new era with the lush, powerful new single “Calm & patient.” The track is her first new solo song since 2021’s “Wrap Me Up.”

Over beds of synthesizers and minimal percussion, Aiko waxes poetically on the joys of life. She sings, “I’m satisfied with life/ I do not just get by, I thrive/ What a miracle to be up and alive/ Sending love to those who are stuck in the fight.” Listen to the uplifting new anthem below.

Jhené Aiko trended heavily in 2022, after announcing her second pregnancy. She had this child with Big Sean, as she’s been dating him since 2016. As a result, Aiko and Sean announced that this is a son, and went on to be born in November. They also unveiled that his name is Noah.

Aiko has been quiet, last emerging to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut mixtape Sailing Soul(s) by releasing the project on streaming services for the first time ever.

“This mixtape was a pivotal moment for me,” Aiko wrote on Twitter. She explained the story of Sailing Soul(s), saying: “When Was 12 I was signed to a label, singing songs I have no real connection to. Besides that, I had no real stories of my own to tell at 12. Then I took a break to focus on school. In my teens, I was signing demo records and taking meetings.

I met with one record exec who told me I needed to do a better job at ‘selling’ myself when I came into meetings. Dressing like myself, singing like myself, talking like myself… wasn’t enough. I thought, why do I have to sell myself? Why do I have to try to convince you of my worth? Of who I am?”

The cover art for Sailing Soul(s) features Aiko standing in the ocean holding onto chains that are wrapped around her wrists and waist. “I wanted the cover to express me breaking free from that narrative of having to “sell” myself. I wanted the broken chains to symbolize that freedom of feeling unanchored… free to be me, going with the flow… going with the wind like a sail boat… freeing my soul… “sailing” my soul instead of “selling” my soul.”

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Joey Majors feat. Thavid Ruffin & Big Yount- “I’m Good”

Joey Majors I'm Good

Joey Majors feat. Thavid Ruffin & Big Yount “I’m Good”

Joey Majors has done it again. The track is very smooth, laid back, and melodic. Once again Thavid Ruffin kills the hook with his unique vocals. While being in high demand, Majors keeps pushing music non-stop.

Stay tuned for a future project featuring Big Yount & Majors “Full Moon” project coming soon. In the meantime, check out “I’m Good” down below!; Big Yount</a></div>

“I’m Good” is off Joey’s Wolf In Sheep Clothing Deluxe album out now on all DSP’s.

Joey Majors Wolf In Sheep Clothing

New WISC deluxe album comes with 2 bonus tracks “We Gotta Do Betta” featuring Boldy James & “I’m Good” featuring Big Yount & Thavid Ruffin with the whole album instrumentals for the DJ’s & Emcees to rock.


@joeymajorsviplife @thavidruffin & @bigyount   @thanos_beats (IG)

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King James Worthy & Big Gipp Release “Gipp N Worthy”

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

In the mid-1990s, Big Gipp was a member of the Atlanta-based hip hop group Goodie Mob. Which he has gone on to release six studio albums. The group had a hit with their song “Cell Therapy” in 1995, and Gipp was also featured on the soundtrack for the film Soul Food that same year. Gipp parted ways with Goodie Mob 1999, but the group reunited in 2005 and released a new album in 2010.

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"
King James Worthy

James Allen Worthy is an American record producer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Worthy’s production, and work includes various recording artists like Fetty Wap6LACKTruth HurtsRobin S, and 112. Worthy came to prominence working, producing, and writing for artists such as J HolidayRobin S.KuruptYung Berg, and many others.  

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

King James Worthy and Big Gipp, first met when Kurupt invited Big Gipp to a studio session. The Studio was at King James Worthy’s house, and these guys have been close friends ever since. Their new album Gipp n Worthy, is currently #9 on the iTunes charts and has been streamed over 1 million times.

Fans can expect a players moodset. The duo credits their creative push from one another, forcing each-other to step out of their normal elements. This is King James Worthy first full project with another artist and this happens to be the first time Big Gipp taylored and catered his music intentionally towards the ladies.

Stepping out of their comfort zones made this a successful collaboration and ability to create music that resonates.

Swag 100 had the chance to interview and review the Gippp N Worthy projecct with Dj PMoney from the NYC Fleetdjs.

SWAG 100
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Quando Rondo’s “Recovery” Album: A Perfectly Executed Revival

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Quando Rondo‘s new album “Recovery” is a perfectly executed revival of the Trap&b sound. The production is top-notch, the lyrics are on point, and the vocal delivery is second to none. This is easily one of the best albums of 2023 and it is sure to be a classic in the years to come.

Quando Rondo's "Recovery" Album: A Perfectly Executed Revival

Swag 100 had an opportunity to sit in on Quando Rondo’s “Recovery” album listening session. This is the official Recovery review.

The album starts off with the lead single “50”, which sets the tone for the rest of the album. The production on this track is absolutely amazing, and Quando Rondo’s voice sounds great. The lyrics are very personal and relatable, and the song is sure to resonate with a lot of people.

The third track, “Lost Ones”, is a bit more subdued than the first track. The production on this track is still very good, but the focus is more on the lyrics. Quando Rondo speaks about a lost love ones on this track, and it is clear that he is still hurting from the experience.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Forever16”. The production on this track is incredible, with haunting piano chords and a somber melody. Quando Rondo’s vocal delivery is perfect for the emotional content of the song, as he discusses his feelings about his neigborhood & his battle with his pain coping with it. During our zoom interview with Quando he states this is his favorite one on the album.

Another standout track is “Me First”. The production on this track is very uplifting, with bright synths and a slow bounce beat. The lyrics are also very vivid, as Quando Rondo talks about overcoming his struggles and having faith in himself.

Quando Rondo's Recovery

Overall, “Recovery” is an excellent album from Quando Rondo. The production is top-notch, the lyrics are on point, and the vocal delivery is superb. This is a must-listen for fans of the trap&b genre, and it solidifies Quando Rondo as one of the best artists in the game right now.

Quando Rondo Recovery Trailer

Preview “Recovery”

SWAG 100
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Cage Targaryen x Piff Penny- “Insecure”

Cage Targaryen Piff Penny

Cage Targaryen drops his new single “Insecure” featuring Piff Penny! The track is produced by the talented Project Porter. Targaryen & Penny are known for their serious bar work. 

“Cage” is a South Bronx native, who has talent on multiple levels. Known for his live show on Instagram The Bar Show which will rebooting soon, Cage is very knowledgeable in Hip-Hop and is shows throughout his new single. 

Cage and Piff Penny are making a lot of great music this year. Just to name a few, “Better Run” produced by Project Porter features Scotty Beamin and “Loud Pack” which is produced by scratch master Daz Jones.

Be looking for more heat from Cage Targaryen soon. The 4k video of “Insecure” is scheduled for shoot April. 2nd 2023. Check out “Insecure” down below!

Cage Targaryen Piff Penny


Cage (@cage_targaryen) & Piff Penny (@piffpenny) on Instagram


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Messiah Kaine feat. Profit: “50/50 Club”

Messiah Kaine Profit

Messiah Kaine and Profit of Bangout Records release their newest collaboration “50/50 Club” produced by @champanadethat. Messiah Kaine sets the song off with an intro in which he states “I be pouring my heart out on these records … almost like I bleed through my pen … but this one right here!… this struggle ain’t mine! “ then leads you directly into a impressive 48 bar verse.

Profit follows right behind Kaine with his own 48 bar onslaught of lyrical mastery. Both epitomize what it is to be a true emcee in this one, By giving you where they been, who they are and what you could expect from them beyond lyrics. A true statement piece.

50/50 club will be featured on IamProfits upcoming full length album set to drop next month, as well as Messiah Kaines collaboration album title Mutiny set to drop in May.


@messiahkaine @iamprofit @champanemadethat

Messiah Kaine Profit
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Illpo Releases “Severance Pack” Album


Illpo is the North Carolina duo consisting of rappers Boones and Bond, and they are back with a new album titled “Severance Package” full of that Boom Bap you need.

If you dig names from North Carolina like OC From NC and the Jamla crew, you need to hear Illpo.


Illpo “Severance Pack” album
MP3s, front cover, and back cover:


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Cam’Ron x 2wo Offishall – “Coke Dreams” {Prod. By 2wo Offishall}

2wo Offishall is back on his grind, and he’s keeping busy by dropping new music. 

The Chicago Producer has been on a surge the 1st quarter of the year and is back with new music. “Coke Dreams,” his newest single featuring Cam’ron, and while it’s only one song, it’s Cam’s ferocious delivery that makes this one of his best songs in recent memory! 

The way he flows over the beat is impressive and feels like he has a lot to say about what he sees around him. His lyrics are also on point with lines like 

“See No Evil ,Hear No Evil” “No I Can’t Compare To People!” 

Check out 2wo Offishall & Cam’ron “Coke Dreams” today on all streaming platforms.

2wo Offishall Cam'ron


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Headlights is The Worlds FIRST Interactive Hip-Hop Network

HEADLIGHTS is a new platform that allows artists to compete against one another in a LIVE ACTION broadcast. This is NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. This is the new wave for music discovery. Headlights is the worlds FIRST interactive hip-hop network.

Headlights is the worlds FIRST interactive hiphop network. Every two weeks we run a 3-day LIVE ACTION broadcast on our app where we feature the hottest artists from around the country, and let YOU the fan decide who wins.

Winning artists get paid cash 💵, get connected with A&R from top labels, elite influencer platforms, and gain entry into exclusive tour and performance events.

This is NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. This is the new wave for music discovery.


Our mission is to provide a platform where artists can showcase their talent. We’re not interested in seeing you dance, sing or rap; we want to see what makes you unique.

We believe that anyone can be an artist and anyone can discover new music. Our goal is to make the world a better place through music.

Our app allows users to upload their own content and vote on other user-generated content. This gives people the opportunity to provide their opinions and engage with their favorite artists.

Headlights’ mission is to help aspiring artists reach their goals by providing them with a platform where they can share their music and receive feedback from their peers in an entertaining way.

Let’s get it 💪
#rap #hiphop #chicago #detroit #miami #atlanta #memohis #toronto #oakland

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@55bagz and @icewear_vezzo link for “Play My Hand”

55Bagz promo photo.
55Bagz advertisement

55 Bagz taps in with one of the Midwest’s hottest artists, Icewear Vezzo for his latest single. A Cleveland native, Bagz uses his real life experiences as inspiration for his music. Hailing from one of his cities roughest neighborhoods has provided him plenty to draw from in creating his unique sound. Being influenced by a wide array of musical artists including Fatman Key and Musiq Souldchild lay the foundation for Bagz own artistic expression.

Icewear Vezzo has been on quite the run of his own. Producing some of the biggest singles and collaborations in the country running both the airwaves and the clubs. It only made sense for two artists from the same region of the country to connect for what is already on it’s way to becoming another hit single with Play My Hand. Close to 100,000 spins on Spotify prove the 55 Bagz is a hit maker after the success of his singles Lo Mein and Kitchen on the platform.

55Bagz representing his label Capital Structure Entertainment.
55bagz repping Capital Structure.

Capital Structure Entertainment handles the distribution of one of 2023’s lead singles. Check out Play My Hand right here on .

Play My Hand single on Spotify

Bagz is quoted as saying, “Stay you. You’re always going to win if you’re only being yourself . Never do anything because of the internet, money, or because everyone says you should . DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT to YOU because the only thing everybody has in common is that we all die.”

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