Sensai Doog Live 4RM The Zoo III

Sensai Doog brings the streets back on Live 4RM The Zoo 3. The trilogy is complete with the third installment in the series. His patented slow flow in full tow, the Sensai features his real life blood brothers and group members, OBB Yayyie and Doe Doe NBAMG prominently on the project with other appearances from Benji Vinze, OG Spinner, & Valid Baby.

Sensai Doog Live 4RM The Zoo 3 is available not only right now, but it’s AVAILABLE HERE!

Clocking in at a tidy 12 songs with standouts like “Paxkages” where Doog stands alone speaking on the ills of being the man and “Trapaholik” featuring OBB where the trio trades verses over a menacing instrumental.

Sensai Doog

Keeping the stove working and the corners on lock, Doog continues the legacy he set forth with the first release.

Check out the Traps and Trunks featured project here and let us know what you think.

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