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Welcome to The Watchlist: Conversations With a Vision where Straight Official’s own DJ Gea chops it up with a purpose. Ms. BÈQUILLE is an emerging public figure who is staking her claim in the fashion world.

With the initiative of Pharoh Khepri, CEO of Unspoken Model Management, she mapped out a fashion show tour of three major cities. With her drive & direction paired with the organization & event skills, she and her team have created a blueprint for the underdogs. RDB Fashion has been on Buzz TV and RiverCity Live. Jacksonville News has published her twice!


DJ GEA: Let our readers know where you’re from and how did the city where you lived motivate and push you?

Ms. BÈQUILLE: . I am from Queens NY & motivation is the reason why you act or behave in a certain way. It’s the driving force that pushes you to take action, in spite of your fear or lack thereof.

Growing up in New York City where everything is fast paced, talent everywhere and everyone is trying to make it had a huge effect on my mindset. Watching people hustle on the subways, streets or just utilizing any area to their advantage motivated me with the consistency and drive I have today.

What kind of field or business do you work in and how did you get started?

I am in the fashion industry producing fashion shows. I’ve always had a love for fashion. The conception of RDB Fashion Show stemmed with a conversation with my late father, Donald Crutch. I always had a dream of my brand, (Béquille) being attached to a fashion show.

The fashion show debuted in Queens, New York in September of 2017. It was a sold out event that had patrons standing along the walls and a line around the corner. At this point, I was watching my dreams come to fruition!

RBD Fashion Show


So tell me more about RDB Fashion. What goes into an event that you organize?

The production behind this event included a celebrity makeup artist & a celebrity photographer. The global pandemic tried to stop my dream but after meeting Pharoh Khepri Show coordinator RDB picked up in Jacksonville Florida with another sold-out event, on May 21st, 2021.

With celebrity guest designer, Isaac Spry who tailored customs from the blockbuster, Black Panther as well as the hit TV series The Walking Dead. This ignited a fire within me to continue on with the RDB Fashion Show and take it on the road.

Did you experience any setbacks in your journey?

In January 2022 Pharoh Khepri passed away which was a very emotional time for RDB . We decided to continue to keep the vision alive and CEO Tiara Crutch & Marcus McNeil, CEO of Xclusive Entertainment decided to join forces. Tiara & Marcus bonded through grieving the lost of their dear friend. Xclusive Entertainment was founded by Marcus McNeil. Born in Memphis, Tennessee.

What is the endgame of RDB Fashion?  

RDB was created to bring awareness to talent & businesses who weren’t getting the exposure & opportunities needed. “We are for the underdogs!” RDB means “concrete rose” in English! We want to be the example of how no matter your environment or struggles you can still come out stronger & amazing.


What has been your favorite part of doing what you do?

Being able to bring opportunities for people .

How long have you been in business ? What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I’ve been in business five years. Our biggest accomplishment is how well we continue to expand each year and attract more interest from people not only in the fashion industry.

Out of all the hats, your wear which is your favorite?

My favorite hat to wear is my mom hat.

In 2023 how do you plan to set the tone?

Many brands fall into the trap of adopting a tone of voice from someone in their industry “should” use. However, your goal should be to stand out so your customers remember you. We plan on setting a different tone.

What is your favorite event you have hosted or attended?

A. I love attending “The Stomp Down” because I enjoy how involved they are in their audience and making sure you have a good time.


Have patience and put out quality. Don’t rush to the outcome without enjoying the process.

Ms. BÈQUILLE’s process on getting to the bag


If you could describe you in one word what would you say and why?

I am a motivator. I listen, How do you motivate others without listening to them? The truth is that you’ll never be able to inspire others to action if you’re the one talking all the time. Listening is essential. It shows that you’re interested in what others have to say and you care about their lives. It also allows you to uncover their passions, which you can use to motivate them.

What are some things you inspire to do with your brands?

I inspire to expand by adding a podcast and a magazine.

So besides your business, are there any other ventures you’re currently sewing seeds into?

Yes. I am currently invested into the medical field.

What is something you want or readers to know?

Don’t be afraid to fail! Failing gives you experience. Utilize your failures as stepping stones towards your success. Don’t give up. For every “No” Strive to get five “yes’s.”


Let the people know how to get in contact with you

You can find me on Instagram @ms.bequille and the fashion show on Instagram and Facebook @rdbxclusive

Photo credits : T4Photography, eddension studios, New Lens Photo, Jus am’s photography

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