Journalist Bae | “Baddies” Is Taking Over

Baes, it’s been a while since we’ve had a talk, and today we’re discussing “Baddies” of the notorious, Zeus Network. Which, if you don’t know, is a spin-off of Bad Girls Club created by Natalie Nunn.

I’ve Been Seeing Baddies Everywhere

The network offers a plethora of reality-based shows, as well as some scripted ones. However, the best of them all is “Baddies”. Don’t ask me how I know, just take my word for it. If you are tuned in, then you saw Natalie be crowned as ‘Queen of Zeus’ over Joseline Hernandez on Nick Cannon‘s ‘Bad vs Wild’ (whatever that means). What you also may have been seeing is a series of “Baddies” or “Dollhouses” popping up in your city. I’ve moved, TWICE, since the beginning of the original series and believe me, it’s an epidemic.

Where Are We Now?

We are now on season 5 of Baddies, officially titled ‘Baddies: Caribbean’. After touring through the south, the east, and the west coast, the group “explores” Barbados, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic. The cast includes some special appearances from The Clermont Twins, Shenseea, and Aubrey O’Day amongst others. Perhaps this is part of the reason there is such a massive number of viewers with over 1 million subscribers.

What Exactly Is This About?

Regarding the plot, well, your guess is as good as mine. From what I’ve gathered, Natalie is a public figure who tours hosting events and that’s how she makes her bag on the show. Emphasis on *on the show* we won’t get into that. Any who, on these tours she basically acts as a Hugh Hefner having the girls perform for the crowds or simply look pretty while taking up space (you’re not required to be a musician or really have any talent for that matter) and promoting her brand. What’s most explosive about this series is how unhinged it is. I assume people like it because “anything goes”. Everybody wants to be a baddie. Although there is no clear definition of what that is, one thing is for sure – You better know how to dress. Even more – you better know how to fight.

You’re always quick to do “Baddie, baddie shot o’clock when one of us is upset.”

@pvd.biggie (Baddies West/East/Caribbean)

A Review

Nobody asked me, but the issue with this is that 13 year olds are in conversation with 33 year olds about how the whole thing goes down. It’s not like the network requires some special access to view these shows (just like VH1 didn’t) and the conversations on social media are certainly almost as entertaining as the show itself. Unfortunately for the general public, we often become removed from reality while aspiring to be a “reality” star. But even Jelaminah (BGC, Baddies South/Caribbean) makes it clear that she may have beef on camera, but as soon as the cameras aren’t rolling, she’s no longer in “TV Land”.

No matter your stance on the show or the network, one thing is for sure – ZEUS KNOWS HOW TO GET MONEY! Check out their latest announcement of a podcast featuring Tia Kemp (Rick Ross’s baby mother), Karlissa Saffold (Blueface’s mother), and Tokyo Toni (Angela White’s mother). Will you be tuned in?

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