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Journalist Bae | City Girl Era Over?

Apparently, even City Girls don’t want to be City Girls anymore and they aren’t the only ones…

RAW Review

After a good 5 year run, City Girls as we know them, may be done. This October, Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee and JaTavia “JT” Johnson released the album R.A.W. under the Quality Control label (QC). If you’ve checked out the album at this point, it’s probably either because you’re a fan of some sort or you’ve seen their viral sales statistics which was less than 10,000 units in the first week.

I feel like, collectively, we didn’t do what we had to do to promote the album.”

JT on low album sales
Cover Art for City Girls’ “RAW”

I feel like we got poor management, poor timing…it’s really never no strategy. We just out here…

JT on who’s to blame

Now, the album does include JT’s solo debut “No Bars” which was on Apple iTune’s Top 10 list, but that’s about the extent of that. After the 2nd studio album ‘City On Lock’ debuted at #29 on the Billboard charts, the rap duo and their fans had high hopes for their future together. However, they’ve been sitting on a lot of these songs for years as explained by Yung Miami. What is evident, is that the girls are close-knit. What is even more evident is that we see them consistently going in their own direction at this point. In an interview Miami explicitly says that the City Girls are not forever – she has to raise her daughter. But did you see the demise coming so soon?

After further review, the new album is kinda lit! Aside from lack of promotion, a majority of the songs sound like something we’ve already heard before and that definitely plays a factor in who is buying into this album. Samples are all the rage these days, but it’s still unclear who could pull off an album full of them.

End of an Era

There’s been a lot of talk about JT going full throttle in her solo career soon, since this was originally her dream. It almost makes sense considering these past couple years, JaTavia and Caresha have been viral for most anything except music. There’s no concrete answer as to what the group will look like or be doing after RAW. Nevertheless, these ladies aren’t the only ones looking for a rebrand.

In the 20’s, females have been dominating the rap game with some raunchy, pimped-out looks and lyrics, but there are a few girlies who are no longer singing that tune. Sukihana appears on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and confesses, “…Talking about eating a**, I’m not on that sh*t right now. I’m a new woman!” Summer Walker explains “At the end of all that ghetto sh*t, we’re going to evolve: mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, and emotionally. We’re going to have balance.”

I couldn’t agree more! Be on the lookout for the journey of these women as they transition from city girls to soft life. Will they be able to pull it off?

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