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T-Quest Music Review: J Dubb Tha King

T-Quest Music Review: J Dubb Tha King It’s been a wonderful journey getting to know J Dubb Tha King. Over the last few years, he’s drop some dope singles, interviewed with radio personalities and DJs all over the world promoting his music and letting the people know ” U Gon Know Me” Check out this quick interview below, watch his interview on The T-Quest Show & make sure you know that J Dubb Tha King is next up; get familiar!

Tell the people who you are and where you’re residing from? J Dubb Tha King from Phoenix, AZ

What do you having going on right now? I just released my latest single called U GON KNOW ME feat Yukmouth and Jrue. 

How did that come about? As a fan I always wanted to make a record with a legend in Yukmouth and my engineer was able to connect me with him and from there a classic was born

What has been the feedback so far? Very good. A lot of DJs around the WORLD have given me very good feedback. A lot of spins and stream numbers are going steady. 

T-Quest Music Review: J Dubb Tha King

What have you ;learned from this experience? Enjoy the moment and feed off of good energy and good people. It has humbled me and I am grateful to work with these very talented artist

What’s to come from this in the next few months? Currently I am working on some more music with more heavy hitting artists so let’s see what’s in the pipeline.

What do you want the readers to know about you? As music is a tool to our lives we as artists can dictate the narrative

Any shout outs? GOD,MOM, WIFE, MY KIDS, KILROY, JRUE, YUKMOUTH, TIFFANY GAINES and to everyone that has supported me and the mission. We are almost there 

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to get acquainted with J Dubb Tha King. The music artist, business owner, podcaster and all-around incredible human being. Follow him on social media EVERYWHERE @JDUBBTHAKING and listen to his work. Know that this is only the beginning -J Dubb Tha King’s star is just starting to shine.

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