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Chiefs Survive Bills 27-24, Advance to AFC Championship Game

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The Buffalo Bills would host the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round this evening. The Chiefs (11-6) arrived as the #3 seed after leaving the Dolphins out in the cold 26-7 in the Wild Card round. Buffalo (11-6) is the #2 seed and advanced to this round after beating the Steelers 34-17. This game is the first road playoff game of QB Patrick Mahomes’ career.


The Bills would receive the ball to start the first quarter. After an early fumble by WR Stefon Diggs, the Bills would get things together on offense. They would take over 6 minutes and 14 plays to produce the game’s first points as Buffalo scored on a field goal from kicker Tyler Bass. Bills QB Josh Allen worked with his arm and his legs to push them upfield.

Bills QB Josh Allen
Bills QB Josh Allen got off to a quick start running for 51 yards in the first half and 2 rushing touchdowns (Photo Cred: CNET)

Kansas City would take over on offense. Mahomes would throw 3/4 and 40 yards to move them into Bills’ territory. The seven play drive would end in a field goal from Harrison Butkner, tying the game 3-3. Buffalo took over on offense and on another lenghty drive found themselves just outside the red zone to end the first quarter.

Three plays into the second quarter, Allen would cap off an 11 play drive with a 5 yard touchdown run. With the score now 10-3, Kansas City would attempt to answer with a score to pull even. After an ten play drive that stalled out due to a fumble by Mecole Hardman Jr., the Chiefs would settle for three points making the score 10-6.


The Bills would punt after a short drive on offense. Mahomes and Co. would move quickly down the field off of huge 28 yard run from Clyde Edwards-Helaire. The 5 play drive ended with Mahomes connecting with TE Travis Kelce for a 22 yard touchdown pass. Taylor Swift cheered from the press box as the Chiefs would take the lead 13-10.

Buffalo would make a last attempt to reclaim the lead before halftime. Allen found Diggs for a 15-yard first down and then hit Latavius Murray for another 15 yard strike. With under a minute to go, Allen ran for 20 yards to get them deep in the red zone. The drive would end with Allen getting his second rushing touchdown of the game and taking the lead 17-13.

With the Chiefs down 4, they would receive the ball to start the second half. Will Kansas City be able to turn it around?


Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (Photo Cred: Mile High Report)
Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (Photo Cred: Mile High Report)

The Chiefs received the ball to start the third quarter and they got to work quickly. Mahomes would use his legs and arm to move the Chiefs down the field. After finding WR Marques Valdez-Scantling for a 30 yard pass, he would run for 24 yards to get Kansas City inside the redzone. He added 14 more rushing yards before finding Kelce for his second touchdown catch of the game. This gave the Chiefs a 20-17 lead.

Buffalo’s next offensive drive gained some momentum after a penalty from Kansas City gave them good field position. RBs James Cook & Ty Johnson were utilized well on the drive. Allen threw 4 out of 5 completed passes and ended the 15 play drive with a touchdown pass to WR Khalil Shakir. This would give the Bills the lead 24-20.

Bills QB Josh Allen
(Photo Cred: AS USA)

The Chiefs would use their RB duo of Edwards-Helaire and Isaiah Pacheco to keep pace. Mahomes would find Valdez-Scantling again for a huge pass for 32 yards to put the Chiefs at the Buffalo 18 to end the quarter. Pacheco would then begin the fourth quarter with a 4 yard touchdown run. This gave the Chiefs the lead 27-24 and was the 7th lead change of the game!


Down 3 early in the forth quarter, the Bills offense would stall after a incomplete pass from Allen to Diggs. They would attempt to go for it on fourth down but was unsuccessful after Damar Hamlin failed to convert on a punt fake run. This allowed the Chiefs to take possession. Pacheco would break for a big 32 yard run that got them in scoring postion.

Just when it seemed Kansas City would score again, a fumble by Hardeman would see the ball go out of bounds in the end zone. Buffalo challenged the runner was down by contact ruling, and the play was reversed. This would result in a touchback and give the Bills the ball at the 20.

After back to back punts from both teams, Buffalo would take a shot to reclaim the lead. The drive nearly came to end when Allen fumbled the ball on a run attempt. The Bills would recover and move into Chiefs territory. Allen would convert a huge 4th down attempt with a pass to Shakir. Buffalo would end up just outside the redzone as the two-minute warning stopped the game.

The Bills would try to tie the game once again with a field goal. Tyler Bass who has been perfect this playoff series, missed wide right from 44 yards out.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes
(Photo Cred: Arrowhead Addict)


The defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs move on to their sixth straight AFC Championship Game with the win. They will face off against the Baltimore Ravens and MVP candidate Lamar Jackson. For the Bills, their miraculous season comes to and end with high hopes for a repeat performance next year.

What do you think of tonight’s game and the outcome? Let us know down in the comments below.

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