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Kash Doll (Photo Cred: Cassisus Life)

F*ck that you deserve the world sh*t… cause I know I do, I deserve the stars and the planets too!”

Kash Doll, “Single & Happy”

Summer is almost over but the vibes are not! Kash Doll gifted us with her new hit “Single & Happy” and I don’t think we knew we needed this, but THANK YOU KASH! The 29-year-old “Rich Hoochie” rapper teamed up with Eric Bellinger and Wale to create this liberating anthem for both men and women. It is currently available on all platforms and it’s such a feel-good record that you have no choice but to listen to it over and over again.

I can’t speak for how single or happy you are, but what I do know is that Kash, Eric, and Wale went off on this track. No matter how you feel about any of the participating artists, you can’t help but to bop your head and sing along. The metaphors, lyricism, and delivery in this work are nothing short of fantastic!

Wale (Photo Cred:

A woman tried to curve me, she flourished in mediocrity.”

Wale, “Single & Happy”

You can listen to the song on your favorite streaming service, but if you just can’t wait to hear this 3 minutes of a boss anthem – click below for the lyric video down below!

Kash Doll recently took to twitter saying, “I make music for me and women like me…. I like sex but I love money more.” Ms. Doll. We stan.

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