Broward County Florida has become one of the hottest scenes for new hip hop artists to crossover into mainstream. Broward County has produced top hip hop artists such as Kodak Black, XXXTentacion, and Ski Mask the Slump God just to name a few. So who is the hot new artist to emerge from Broward County? It has to be “Broward Fee”. The young artist is exceptionally talented. He has something to say in every title he releases. Its clear his music comes from the heart. Fans can grow a connection with “Broward Fee” by just listening to his relatable content. The unique thing about this young artist is that he wants to build real connections with his fans and spread positivity to heal those who are emotionally in need.


Today “Broward Fee” has released his new single entitled “Love/Hate”. The track depicts the thin line between loving someone and hating them. It explains the mixed emotions and tiredness that result from truly loving someone. I got a chance to catch up with “Broward Fee” and ask him some questions about him as a artist and his new single

What part of Broward county are you from? Lauderdale Manors
What was it like growing up there? Rough. It’s a ghetto fantasy. Nobody really make it out of my hood , just a bunch of sold dreams. Where I’m from you actually gotta get up and strive for what you believe because nobody else is gonna believe. Plus Everything gets put in our face at a early age.
What inspired you to do music? Tupac

Your new single is entitled Love/Hate, was this inspired by an actual relationship in your life? Yes

If you had to give a friend your best advice on love, what would it be? Know & value yourself before you know anyone else & never give your energy if it’s forced

Who was your top 5 favorite artists growing up? I really don’t have much. I’m a fan of the art but I listened to Tupac a lot because not only I do music , it all started from poetry. Major thing we have in common.

What city in Florida do you feel is making the most success in the hip-hop industry right now? The whole South Florida

In a previous interview you stated you were an introvert; does this make it hard to perform on stage or be in large crowds? Not at all. My supporters are apart of me.
You are such a positive artist, what issue do you feel your generation struggles from the most and how can positive music help this? My generation struggles with equilibrium. But weather the music is positive or not, when there’s a chance change could be made

Do you have any collaborations you’re working on? Soon to come…

Are you planning on dropping an album soon? Actually 2

Do you have a message to your fans? My message is that it’s okay to go through pain & keep going. Anything set to be , it can be achieved. Depression is real & I wanna help with my music
Where can we find your music and social media? Every Platform @ Broward Fee

Make sure you check out his new single: Love/ Hate and All his other music

Information via @browardfee & management

Writer: @dahlia_koca

Magazine @straightofficial


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The Quest Chronicles: Take A Moment

Take a moment to think about what truly makes you happy. Even if it’s something that puts an instant smile on your face. Perhaps a song that once you hear it, you want to get up a dance. How about when you finally put that fork in your mouth with hot goodness on it. Yummy! Possibly the moment you’re doing your favorite activity. A moment when your minds is not thinking about work, stress, sadness, just a moment of pure happiness.

We need more of that. Time management is everything. I know many of us is consumed with so much that we feel we don’t have time for SELF but I challenge you all to dedicate 3 to 10mins a day to yourself. Even if it’s just you turning on your favorite jams or a moment in your car without no one around just for peace. You owe it to YOU. You deserve plenty of happiness but in the meantime if your lacking, try giving it to yourself with this small task.

Many look to others to make them happy not knowing they have the capability of doing it themselves. Just like birthdays, I recently celebrated mines & treated myself to a trip to Jamaica. Why, because I deserved it & a moment or shall I say week of peace & serenity was needed. I didn’t wait on others to get me anything or do anything for me. I had to make sure I was good for myself. The saying is NOT, “we only live once”… we live everyday & we die once so make the best of it. Grab a book, run a bath, turn on some comedy & crack a smile!

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