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Motivational Moment: Love Yourself First

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Hi my Beautiful Faces, I’m back again and I got some help from my girl, Mary J. Motivational Moment: Love Yourself should be the foundation to your new year. I strongly believe you can’t love someone else until you know how to love you. This may come across as clich√© but it’s the truth. Have you been asked, “What do you like?”, What do you desire?”, or “What are your dreams?” but couldn’t answer. Now if this is you, it’s time to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. An ounce of hesitation to either of these questions means you may be investing too much energy into other people.

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January we reset our life and set goals. February is viewed as the Month of Love in a relationship. I challenge you to make the next few weeks about you. Find ways to love you more. Work on your relationship with yourself. Take time to discover what makes you happy. Today is the perfect starting point. It’s ok to do for others but self negligence is a no no. It’s 2022 and we have work to do.


Plain and simple YOU ARE AMAZING and it’s time you act as such. Mary J. has some great new music to add to your playlist. Everyday you get up look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are. The key is there must be belief in those words. Prepare for the day and let the world see you loving on YOU.

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Alright my beautiful faces I hope you have an amazing day. Be sure to come back for some more motivation . Straight Official Magazine is the place to be. If you need another dose of KimdaSSB, check me out on Monday 8 – 10pm CST or follow me on Instagram @Mzkim2012.

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