Headlights is The Worlds FIRST Interactive Hip-Hop Network

HEADLIGHTS is a new platform that allows artists to compete against one another in a LIVE ACTION broadcast. This is NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. This is the new wave for music discovery. Headlights is the worlds FIRST interactive hip-hop network.

Headlights is the worlds FIRST interactive hiphop network. Every two weeks we run a 3-day LIVE ACTION broadcast on our app where we feature the hottest artists from around the country, and let YOU the fan decide who wins.

Winning artists get paid cash 💵, get connected with A&R from top labels, elite influencer platforms, and gain entry into exclusive tour and performance events.

This is NOT SOCIAL MEDIA. This is the new wave for music discovery.


Our mission is to provide a platform where artists can showcase their talent. We’re not interested in seeing you dance, sing or rap; we want to see what makes you unique.

We believe that anyone can be an artist and anyone can discover new music. Our goal is to make the world a better place through music.

Our app allows users to upload their own content and vote on other user-generated content. This gives people the opportunity to provide their opinions and engage with their favorite artists.

Headlights’ mission is to help aspiring artists reach their goals by providing them with a platform where they can share their music and receive feedback from their peers in an entertaining way.

Let’s get it 💪
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