New music by Zuri Nicole – Beautiful Brown Girl

Zuri Nicole is an 11 year old, Atlanta born entertainer and entrepreneur.  Zuri Nicole began rapping and writing at the age of 10 years old. She released an EP titled “Period” in early 2021. In the Fall of 2021 ZuriNicole opened for and toured with the 2021 “Recess is Over Tour” for artist ThatGirlLaylay.

In the beginning of the pandemic, Zuri was diagnosed with epileptic seizure episodes and scoliosis. She began to write raps and used music to express her feelings. Zuri Nicole created her first single “Daddy’s Favorite Song” which was inspired by her and her father’s love for music.

Each day on the ride to school, ZuriNicole and Dad would playfully freestyle together in the car. Most recently, ZuriNicole created an affirmation rap for Brown Girls called “Beautiful Brown Girl,” a song created to help boost her own self-esteem and help other girls to know their worth too!

ZuriNicole’s single is available on all streaming platforms, along with her published affirmation book entitled “B is for Beautiful and Brown,“ a coloring book of positive affirmation words starting with the letter B that will help all the beautiful brown girls around the world to see how amazing they truly are! “B is for Beautiful and Brown” is available now at and Amazon.

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