Tatted On Bodies!!

If y’all have not noticed, Keylluminati has emerged back onto social media and is preview what may be a ‘HIT”! The Tampa native has started posting stories on his Instagram once again. So where has he been? Why has he taken this hiatus? A recent interview with “All Rap News” the “Speak to Em’ rapper stated that he removed himself from social media and other activities because of some serious anxiety.

We suspected Keylluminati was coming back to the music when he dropped the “OffLimits2” mixtape last November. Then we see him showing his face more and more and knew he was feeling better. Keylluminati has previewed a couple of new songs, but one stands out. The name of the new track is still unknown but the “Tatted on Bodies” lyric is what catches our ear. It has us wondering is he going for another project, or will this be a single? On one of his recent story post on IG the rapper gives shoutout to @Slum_dawg_miz for clowning him on his hiatus.
When asked about does he plan on doing collabs the go around, the rapper stated “if it makes sense”

We are ready to see what the Keyllumination artist has in store for the future. Keylluminati and Ea. Dre are always working together as well maybe more music from the two artist will arrive in the future. Nothing we can do but just wait. Follow Keylluminati on IG @keylluminati to be in know on upcoming events and projects.

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