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For the longest, we’ve all been discussing “The Diddy Allegations”. My question is, what would you say if you had to appear on national television for commentary? One person that can answer that question is rapper, Cam’Ron, of the Diplomats (no political affiliation, which makes this all the more ironic).

Diddy has been in the news so much from being raided to alleged sex trafficking. The thing that we’re no longer alleging is that Mr. Man did indeed, put his hands (and feet) on longtime girlfriend, Cassie Ventura. Since the video evidence has surfaced, Diddy has issued an apology. Remember that this comes several months after discrediting women making allegations against him.

Earlier this week, Cam’Ron took to CNN for an interview. He apparently did not know that Diddy would be the topic of conversation, being that he’s not associated with him at this time. Cam made is clear on his podcast “It Is What It Is”, that even if the call from CNN was genuine – they should’ve checked his track record which news outlets. See what he says right here:

Some are saying this behavior is very immature and uncalled for, while others are saying it’s just “the New York” in him. Nonetheless, the anchor actually handled this as she should, in my opinion. I’m no one to judge, but baes, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments or head over to instagram and follow us @straightofficialmagazine for more updates.

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