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Journalist Bae | JT Is Not The One

With the resurgence of diss tracks in 2024, the women are not excluding themselves. We’ve seen some drama pop off between JT, her former bandmate Yung Miami, and the ratchet woman’s favorite ratchet woman, Sukihana. First of all, I want to say I told you all last fall that the City Girl Era was coming to an end. Y’all didn’t believe me, maybe next time you’ll listen. Any who, JT, the self-proclaimed “City Cinderella”, has been doing her big one with these singles “Sideways”, “OKAY”, and “No Bars”. She became a cultural phenomenon practically independently and overnight. I mean how many individuals have you seen say or post “*muah* no bars”? That’s JT!

City Girls Go Head to Head

So boom, the girl is just as, if not more, successful than when she was a part of a group. For some reason, Yung Miami has been expressing that she basically feels as if JT’s been shady her whole career. We get to see them go back and forth for a while on twitter until the women agree it’s best settled off the internet, especially since they had spoken on the phone amidst the animosity and the energy was not same as it was “for the fans”. Now, I’m not one to choose between sides when I personally know ZERO parties involved. However, my girl JaTavia ate this up.

I have no doubt that Caresha is going through a rocky period, but what I experienced myself is that people will tell you to have empathy before you speak while not maintaining the same standard. We might not be going through the same thing but talk to me nice or I will come to you crazy. That’s not playing victim. That’s an equal energy exchange as far as I’m concerned. But I digress…

Is It Clout Chasing?

It’s either me or Cardi B, because she chipped her tooth too…”


Moving on to the feud with Coochie Girl, Sukihana. She alleges that JT is dissing her in her song “OKAY”. According to Suki, the fans were tagging her and Cardi under one of JT’s posts where she mentions a woman chipping her tooth while eating crab legs. I guess JT took too long to respond and clear things up because Suki hits back with diss track “COCAINE”. JT says, there would be no reason to get in the booth and even think about her. I don’t know but Jatavia been eating the girls up lowkey.

Who’s side are you on?

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