The Quest Chronicles: An Extra Day!

The Quest Chronicles: An Extra Day! We as adults always wish we had more time to just relax. 8 days a week would be nice right about now. We work so hard and would love to have a break. That sounds perfect; right? Now, it’s time to be realistic.

Even if we had another day off or another day of the week; things won’t change much. Yes, for health purposes we all could use another day to rest. Let’s be honest though; we won’t use the extra day to rest. Our lives are too busy and hectic. If we had another day to do whatever we wanted; the majority of us would use the day to run errands and use the time to get other things done. 

Are you still wondering why many countries look at Americans sideways? Whether we like it or like; this is our reality. Would there ever be a true balance because we sure can use it. Many of us deserve it. I’m tired Boss! 

The Quest Chronicles: An Extra Day!


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