TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine are setting your Memorial Day weekend off with our dope demo known as the #SaturdaySpotlight where the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop is both captured and covered! On this day we shine the spotlight on artists both near and far who are making noise in the entertainment realm.

This week I had the opportunity to chop it up with Fleet DJ’s own T-QUEST as she is on the heels of her newly released single “Indulge” which is receiving both attention and spins via all streaming music platforms. The multi-talented artist and songwriter is 3 years vested with Fleet and upon getting to know her, I realized that she dons several hats in her pursuit of her dreams.

“Even though I am considered a Hip-Hop artist, I refer to myself as an entertainer.” T has her hands in a variety of bags including comedy, radio, fashion and blogging. With so many routes to choose from she remains true to her first love. “Music served as an outlet for me to express myself as I grew up a quiet child, so no matter what I do it will always come first.”

What stands out to me about T as an artist is that she’s able to be successful without having to adhere to the status quo. “What makes me stand out as an aritst is that I know myself and my lane. I’m diverse but my vibe is more Hip-Hop/Neo Soul and my sensual voice kinds seperates me from the rest which, in turn separates my music automatically.”

T is living the dream of any artist in Hip-Hop by being aligned with Fleet DJ’s. “When I first came aboard as a Fleet artist there were only a handful of us and now there’s only 2! To be an artist apart of a DJ coalition is like hitting the jackpot!” T understands the importance that the DJ serves not only to the music, but also to the movement. “When putting together a song the partnership is between the artist & producer but once it comes time to putting the song out the partnership is between the artist and the DJ. They are the ones who expose you the most to the people so it’s an honor to be apart if its a team who can help not only push my music.”

With the annual Fleet DJ Music Conference on the horizon, I asked T if she would be in the fray. Without hesitation she replied, “Of course I’ll be attending, it wouldn’t be a conference without T-Quest, your favorite entertainer! This will be my 3rd time being nominated for the DJ Carmel Love (Lady Of The Year) Award, I’m performing for the 3rd year & I’ll be hosting the DJ Cafe this year so I’m extremely happy!”

Check out “Indulge” which was produced by RedWing Wizz down below. You can follow T-Quest on social media platforms (@tquestglm), and also via her widely popular website at Be sure to also download her new T-Quest App via your favorite app store and check out her weekly blog #TheQuestChronicles which also graces the digital pages of

As always we thank you for tuning in to TLM & and stay tuned as we continue to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop!!

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Written by: Lee K.


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[TV] Cartoons You Grew Up With

I’m quite sure, at some point in your life, from infancy to an adult, you have seen cartoons. As for me, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t watch at least 10 a day. There’s nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning and binge watch on cartoons until Nascar came on. Whether it be anime, all American, or whatever stylistic origin, people have their favorites. I have my favorites of today, but I’m going to focus on cartoons from my childhood.







The Rugrats has always been one of my favorite cartoons. Whether it be the cartoon I watch on my way out the door for school, or Nickelodeon has a Rugrats marathon on its programming block, I never missed it. This cartoon has literally grown up with me, even through high school. You can’t say anything about this one.


If you don’t recognize this cartoon, then you never watched cartoons, period. This one came on tv at the perfect time, both during morning and evening hours. For some reason, everyone related to this one, in one way or another. Even your parents approved of this one. I’ll just let you go on a nostalgia trip.

Rocko’s Modern life

This one has pushed so many boundaries. If you go back and watch this one, I guarantee you that you will laugh harder. I’m so thankful my mom didn’t catch a lot of the boundary-pushing humor this cartoon had to offer.

Ren and Stimpy

Now, I’m FOREVER glad that my mom has never seen me watch this cartoon. I can only imagine the whoopings I would have gotten for watching this one. It may gross some people out at some points, but it was always funny to me, being that I’ve caught on to some of the slapstick humor as well. I have to admit, though, the adult version that released in the 2000s kind of ruined my childhood, but still funny.

What other cartoons do you remember?

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