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[ Reality Tv / Entertainment ] Scripted Reality – Lifting the stigma


Unless you’re living under a rock or out of space like Pluto Nash you’ve heard of Love and Hip Hop . The creation of Mona Scott Young that hit mainstream television airwaves in the highly sought after prime time time slot over a decade ago that has been shaking up how many of us view some of our favorite entertainers. If it isn’t a drama filled baby shower, a feng shui altering fashion show, or a listening party only suited for the tone deaf then it isn’t the Hollywood franchise. Currently in season 5, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (LHHH) has baby bumps, brotherly fades, and enough scandal to rock any normal person off their rocker. Everything on this show is a scripted reality but lets be clear it’s anything but normal. Things took an unexpected turn on the latest episode airing Monday night when our favorite villian , Moniece Slaughter, appeared to be having a panic attack.


Now let me give you the breakdown (no pun intended) of how it went down. So after Teairra Mari’s explosive altercation with her weirdo boyfriend Akbar and the leak of her ‘sextape’ Teairra decided to have a press conference with her attorney Lisa Bloom at her side. Able to sympathize with Teairra, Moniece decided to attend and lend support. While there Brooke Valentine was invited out to the studio by Moniece. Let’s fast forward a bit… After producer Roccstarr played Moniece’s vocals Brooke sang along – doing so well that Moniece suggested that maybe Brooke should sing the record. Whew Chile the insecurity! But anyway, Moniece exits then BOOM! Moniece is found on the floor crying, hyperventilating, and some what out of it. In the other room we find Roccstarr and Moniece’s ‘ new friend’ Brooke laughing at her as they eavesdrop through the all sound function of the sound boards in the studio.

While I can agree that majority of LHHH is a scripted reality it did cause a great deal of conversation about mental health in the community. It is very befitting that they aired this episode in September since September is hailed the month of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month. For the past two days I have been watching my timeline light up with posts about anxiety, depression and a slew of other mental health issues. I am in no way bashing the influx of conversation as it is needed since our community would rather turn away from coping through therapy and to church to cure all. I was shocked at the blatant disregard both Brooke and Roccstarr displayed as Moniece suffered through her panic attack. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America , there are approximately 15 million adults affected by panic disorder and that women are twice as likely to suffer. So I’d say Moniece is very normal . We as a people must stop scrutinizing mental health and embracing that some suffer. We as a people must open the dialogue so that more can come forward and share their stories. As scripted of a reality this show is I hope they continue to lift the stigmas about mental health.


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