Moneybagg Yo


We are all use to Moneybagg Yo’s amazing diamonds sparking in his mouth. His Grill has been one of the flashiest ones I think I have ever seen but a few days ago the artist posted a picture of his new pearly whites grill free. When it comes to artists having grillz they have a few options. One option is to have a gill made that is removable. The grill can simply snap on and off the teeth. Is it easily removed when eating, sleeping or brushing teeth. The other option is to have the teeth permanently altered and crowns made that look like grillz are installed. This option is more permanent. Many artist feel this is the real way of getting a grill. Several years ago a trend of having a permeant grill swept America. Moneybagg Yo’s grill has always been dazzling in phots, videos and in person.

Even though sparking grillz are exciting and flashy, a lot of artists are going back to their white teeth. This is no easy task though. In order to go back all white teeth, new crowns that look like teeth are made. They are then swapped out in place of the old grill. The plus side to this allows the artist to have an unnaturally white set of teeth that look perfect. I would say that is the result of Moneybagg Yo’s trip to Columbia to get his new million dollar smile. His beautiful sparkling white teeth are just as eye catching as his grill was. Even though grillz are striking and beautiful. A set of pearly whites never go out of style.

Check out his new teeth at:

Social Media: @moneybaggyo @dahlia_koca @straightofficialmag

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