Words from model/ rapper, Holly Brooks.


We all wish we could undo a few things. I personally have more than a million situations that fit that M.O. But, this is definitely the right way of thinking. “Hold on before you get all bent out of shape.” Making a conscious note of our mistake is definitely a good thing. Wearing the feeling of guilt on our back is not. If we have come to believe or see we have made a mistake take a mental note of that mistake. Embrace it, soak in the feeling, now put that thought and feeling in your memory bank and hold it dear. That is how we build consciousness and grow as individuals. If we remember the hurt, pain, misery, delay, and turmoil that mistake cause us, we will most like never make that mistake again. If so we then use the same method each time and we will most likely break that habit very quickly. Except those of us who like putting ourselves though mischief and need the sympathy or pity from others. For those of us who want and yearn to grow, develop, and not fall back into the same situation over and over again blaming others, we take that note and put in the most secure place in our memory bank and say what’s next. We think, how can I move on, and not let this affect us to the point we can’t live a generally happy and fulfilling life. Mistakes definitely change things, mostly for the worst but, sometimes for the better. But prospective change them for us. Prospective is the thought we put into evaluating a situation.  Guilt is the feeling we wear because of how we choose to perceive that situation. Getting to the point when we make a mistake we shouldn’t take it out on other or ourselves. We should take a note of it, secure it in your memory bank, make ourselves aware and conscious of all the things we don’t like about the mistake and how it affect us then make a logical plan to deal with the mistake appropriately … We shouldn’t let anyone nor ourselves manipulate us into feeling guilty for that mistake. Keep in mind we can only consider it a mistake when we have no knowledge of the affects on us or others

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