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Jai Humble
Jai Humble


JAI HUMBLE is an amazing talent in the world of R&B. Originally from San Diego, California Jai possesses both the swag and the energy necessary to catapult her to the top of the industry. While she is charming and laid-back, the girl next door also has a story to tell through her music.

From her humble yet structured beginnings, Jai was raised in a military family. I asked her what drew her to want to pursue a career in music. Humbly she replied “The ability to express myself and my experiences is what convinced me. I have a unique sound and I’m not just a brand. I’m also a lifestyle.”

As a child Jai had an unforgettable voice. She was the lead for her church choir before becoming a star athlete. As a basketball celebutante, she would experience tragedy before her senior year of high school. Losing her 15 year old brother Ziggy brought Jai to indescribable lows.

But as the Phoenix rises, so did Jai.

Jai Humble
(Photo Cred: SHOUTOUT DFW)

She would go on to Mississippi College where her skills were being recognized on a regional level. Jai said that she still wanted more. Then there’s that voice we talked about earlier. After gaining the attention of local entertainment figures, Jai would make the move to Dallas and never looked back.


Since 2018 Jai has delivered on numerous tracks. The R&B songstress evolves on every track, giving her listeners different versions of her versatility. When I asked her where she draws inspiration to create she replied “different experiences and various situations led to an abundance of creativity.”

Jai has seen her share of success in her career. From her hit single “Loving Me Up” being featured on BET to receiving her first movie placement, she is observant of how she got here. “The accomplishments throughout my journey include the growth of my team and seeing where we came from and where we now stand.”

One of my personal favorites of Jai is her hit song “Whiskey On Ice.” This was my formal introduction to her while attending the 11th Annual Fleet DJs Music Conference. She performed live and her stage presence commanded the artists soundstage. Check out the subtle yet seductive introduction to Jai down below.

(Photo Cred: Dark Magazine)

Never change who you are. Let what’s for you flow to you. Fall in love with the process.

Jai Humble


Jai Humble Stop Playing

Jai Humble blessed her fans early this year. She released her first project of 2023 titled “Stop Playing” today to rave reviews and replays! On a recent Fleet DJs Conference Call last week, she let us hear this and another unreleased track. While both songs resonated heavy, this song right here needs to be heard!

Produced by Mav Rock, Jai gives a side of her that hasn’t been displayed during her music career. Based on her life experiences she glides across the track and presents a powerful anthem for women. Check out the track down below and download and stream it on all music platforms!

Jai Humble
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