TampaMystic sits down w/ Dirk Ferrari for an exclusive interview!

[box_dark]What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.[/box_dark]
Coolin…I’m Dirk Ferrari from Tampa

[box_dark]2. When did you start rapping/singing and who inspired you?[/box_dark]
My manager inspired me 7 months ago

[box_dark]3. You are blessed to have a great Manager! Who are some artists you would like to work with?[/box_dark]
Whoever is about they money

[box_dark]4. What’s been your most memorable moment in your music career?[/box_dark]
My first time going to KOD Showcase

[box_dark]5. Tell us what project’s are you currently working on?[/box_dark]
My album “Smokin Loud in da Library,” droppin March 1st. Another mixtape called Alter Ego which is alternative rock music and my first untitled album

[box_dark] 6. Besides music, what else can we find you doing? [/box_dark]

High fashion modeling, acting and basically getting  a check.

[box_dark] 7. In the coming months, what can we expect from you?[/box_dark]

Mo hits den Barry Bonds.

[box_dark]8. Tell everyone where they can find you? [ Websites, Online social media, etc][/box_dark]
Google Me Dirk Ferrari, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Hulk Share, Tumblr, Linkedin,

[box_dark]9. What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your music career? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark]
Thanks for believing in me, I promise I wont forget cha and shout out to my fans, followers and to my non believers, “Fuck ya.”

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