The Quest Chronicles

The Quest Chronicles: Take The Risk

The Quest Chronicles: Take The Risk: In life we go through so much. At times it becomes overwhelming. Many start to question the one above asking “Why Me?” As we get older, we start to look at people differently based on our experiences. Some good and some bad but what do we do after that? When it comes to relationships, we tend to have our guards up, become more cautious & start to distance ourselves from the world. Is this healthy? I can understand it to a certain degree but that’s not the answer.

Things like this happen in the business world too. We want to build our brands, promote what we do and expand but never know who to work with or who to trust. It’s rough but we have to take risks in order to get what we desire. Do your research, check reviews, ask people you trust their opinions on things. Staying concerned and scared won’t take you far. Trying to do everything on your own won’t get you far either for the most part.

Take baby steps if need be; if things don’t work out just try again with a new plan, Nobody is perfect, life isn’t perfect and everything will never go your way. Just take certain risks and see what happens. True happiness and success could be around the corner waiting on you!


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The Quest Chronicles: Friend Appreciation

The Quest Chronicles: Friend Appreciation

Nothing like spending time with family but what’s even more fun for certain people is spending time with the family they created. No, I’m not talking about getting married & having children; I’m talking about friends. Many people grew up around each other and friendships grew organically. In certain cases, many stayed friends & in other cases, they’ve drifted away. This is perfectly ok either way; life happens.

Hanging out with friends you genuinely love & care about is the best feeling. Having friends is optional so if someone allows you to be a part of their lives; it’s an honor. You can laugh, joke & create memories which is great. Now during this pandemic is the perfect time to appreciate all the great friends you may have in your life. Even if it’s just one and that one may be YOU, enjoy and appreciate.

Life is short so be careful who you allow in your life and appreciate the ones that add to it in a positive way. Family is great but there’s something special about having the right friends in your life.

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The Quest Chronicles: Friend Appreciation

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