The Quest Chronicles: Take A Break

The Quest Chronicles: Take A Break

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. This was an iconic line from the movie Five Heartbeats. Now, when you watch the movie, it’s a very comical scene but when you apply it to life; it gets real! As an entrepreneur especially when you’re doing it on your own, it’s rare you have time to take a break or feel that you don’t need one. You’re so focused on your goals that it doesn’t seem like a priority.

On the surface, it may seem like the right mindset to have but deep down inside, all you’re doing is hurting yourself. How smart is that? My own travel agent had to force me to treat myself to a vacation because I work so hard. (Shout out to Whitney’s Escapes) I fought her on this idea for a while but thanked her after I went. It felt so good to relax and clear my head for a week. This is not ideal for everyone all the time but it is still encouraged.

This weekend, I decided to take a vacation but in a different way. I took a vacation away from social media. This was the first time I did it & I don’t regret my decision. I caught up on some rest, other work and enjoyed ME time. Mentally I’m in a greater head space and all I did was made myself a priority for a moment. Yes, we want to chase our dreams, complete our missions and attack our goals but you have to put yourself first once in a while so you’re physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready to do it longevity. Take care of yourself, your future will thank you later.

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