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Your Next SIM Sard Could Be Built DIRECTLY Into The Phone Chip!


Are iSIMs the next wave of SIMs cards?

I’ll try not to get too technical here. Traditionally, connection to a cellular network involves the use of a SIM card. Any change in network has required a simple swap of the SIM card. Software-based eSIMs marry the functionality and capability of a SIM card.

This would enable the ability to change provider remotely. It would aide in consumer choice. This would enable newer service models, offering greater flexibility in design.

iSIM Versus eSIM

iSIM offers the same benefits as eSIM. The difference is that it’s directly integrated into a device’s main processor. It sits alongside other capabilities like CPU and GPU. Operators can remotely provision iSIMs with existing eSIMs. Manufacturers and customers will have more freedom in the size and type of device they can connect to.

Here is one example. The space where a SIM chip used to be could can house a bigger phone battery. Who doesn’t want to have longer battery life?

Enrico Salvatori (@E_Salvatori) / Twitter

“iSIM solutions offer great opportunities to MNOs, free-up valuable space in devices for OEMs, and provide flexibility for device users. To benefit from the full potential of 5G networks and experiences across a wide range of device categories.

Enrico Salvatori, Senior VP/President, Europe/MEA, Qualcomm Europe

Salvatori continued, “Areas that will benefit most from iSIM technology include smartphones, mobile PCs, VR/XR headsets, and industrial IoT. Engineering the iSIM technology into the SoC, we are able to create additional support for OEMs in our Snapdragon platform.”


This latest proof-of-concept adhered to GSMA specifications and staged at a Samsung European R&D facility. The device in question was a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. It’s powered by a Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform and Thales iSIM operating system.

All parties claim its success demonstrates its commercial readiness. Alex Froment-Curtil, CCO at Vodafone gave his remarks. “Our aim is to create a world where every device connects seamlessly and simply to each other. Giving the customer complete control.”

The iSIM, combined with our remote management platform, is a major step in this direction. It allows devices to be connected without a physical SIM or dedicated chip. Making connectivity to many objects and the promise of the connected IoT world – a reality.

  • Courtesy of TechCrunch

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Ready for Snoop Doggs?

Snoop Dogg

#GetSOM – @MsBoomNYC

Rap pioneer SNOOP DOGG has done it all. From cooking shows to cannabis and gin, there’s nothing that he hasn’t tried and succeeded at. So what’s next for the Long Beach rap legend? Hot Dogs! Snoop will now be hawking hotdogs which will be aptly dubbed “Snoop Doggs”.

Snoop applied last month for a U.S. Patent for a federal trademark registration for the name which he says he will use to sell franks and other types of sausages. Snoop‘s lawyer filed for the name as an “intent-to-use.” This would mean he hasn’t actually launched the hot dog brand, but wants to lock the name down for future use.

You would think that hot dogs would be the last business Snoop would involve himself in. Back in 2016, Snoop made headlines with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  He watched a step-by-step process of how hot dogs are made. By the end of the segment, Snoop said: “This is a hot dog!? Oh cuz, I ain’t never eating a m*****f****** hot dog! If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one. I’m good.” Stay tuned for more but don’t be surprised if you see Snoop Doggs in a store near you! – Boom

(Photo Cred: Yahoo News Malaysia)

All Hip-Hop reports that the 50-year-old is no stranger to the culinary world, having released his cookbook, “From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen” in 2018, and appeared in a string of cooking show segments alongside his pal Martha Stewart.

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