Fly Jones is Back With New Single “The Realest”

Fly Jones is Back With New Single

“The Realest”

While East Coast and Midwest influences shine through Fly Jones’ aggressive flow and mastery of vocabulary, his anonymous identity makes him a universal figure whose only true home is the internet. He started putting music together seriously three years ago and has followed the message of ‘no face, no case.’ For the first time with this new single, he is taking the ski mask off.

Fly Jones’ first record “EerThang” came out in 2018 (premiered by WorldStar) featuring St. Louis artist El Hefe. It took off in views and was followed up by “Level(2),” a solo record that kept Fly’s new-found vibe going strong. Jones’ had to step away from music for a time after 2018 to handle other life business, but he continued perfecting and honing his craft during his hiatus from releasing. Right now, his angle is unique: the designer custom ski masks, the recognizable but unique sound, the fearless approach of his videos…

“When you come to the jungle, you gotta be a lion. Sometimes you have to roar. Not everybody can understand the evolution I’ve gone through as a person, but it has brought me here. I’ve perfected my craft to another level. I get better every time I write a song. In my next single, “The Realest,” I don’t even use one single cuss word to rhyme with. Every word that I’m saying really means something,” explains Fly.

With a non-stop string of hits over the last year as he emerges at his new skill level, there’s no doubt Fly Jones has a lot more in store for the rap game–and the mystique around his identity will only add more fuel to his fire.

The new single “The Realest” featuring Smiggz was produced by Wyfi Music is guaranteed to take over the summer.

Austin Martin directed the video shot in Beverly Hills and on Santa Catalina Island and it guarantees to give you a summer vibe.


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