1a. What  is your Name? 

Binky Womack 

1b. where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

I was born in LA but my roots are from Cleveland Ohio. The Womack family hails from Cleveland Ohio. 

Listening and watching my Father and Uncles 

2. Who and/or what inspires you to create? 

My Uncle Bobby inspired me to play guitar and taught me a thing or two. Most of my family, my dad Curtis Sr was a vocalist and then uncle Bobby started playing guitar by stealing his father’s guitar and would go into hiding as he learned how to play until he  broke a string and his pops asked who did it and uncle Bobby had to fess up to it because his pops didn’t play. But he heard little Bobby play and sing, with older brothers Friendly and Curtis singing along as they all were church going singers because they backed their father Friendly Sr. The rest is history. So naturally I got a gift from God inspired by Dad and his brothers, especially Uncle Bobby 

3. How would you describe your sound?

Soul R & B 

Womack Style for sure – with my own funk rock and roll twisted into the mix with new urban r and b hip hop with it. I can flip the script to create that sound of today with some old school flavors attached 

4. What is your creative process like?

I sit down with my other guitar player  and go thru tracks or Melodie’s we create and pick up our guitars and feel the track or groove and we see what fits or stick

5. What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with?

New school HER, Jessy J, Corrine Bailey Rae, old school Chaka Khan, and Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey or Pink 

6. What is one message you would give to your supporters?  

Thanks for being in support of my career because most of the time it isn’t about money. I don’t do music just for money. Yes it pays the bills but I do Music  for the love of it. If my music inspires someone to go buy it or lift up your spirit that is the joy for me. My supporters is who I look up too they help create me because if their support that keeps driving me to create. 

7. What is the most talent/skill you have that most people don’t know about?

People don’t know that  I am a skilled writer and producer as well as a engineer. I’m not just an artist 

8. What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music? 

Good question. 

However,  did go to school and get my degree in Pharmacy. So I guess I would be working a regular job. But I can’t see myself not doing music at all. I was raised up around guitars. We did it in our sleep. So I guess I would say working a job somewhere that pays the bills that  would allow me to take care of my family. 

9. Who are some artists/people you admire and why?

Bruno Mars – because he respect those that came before him and he is not just making music he was making music with substance and meaningful 

And of course My roots of my Womack family first and foremost, Uncle Bobby, Uncle Cecil, Uncle June (Friendly Jr)and my pops Curtis Sr but  because I was raised up with thru the Womack brothers I was able to be around a bunch musicians and I was raised up and went to school with a lot musicians from Uncle Bobby camp. So I was influenced by a lot of 70s and 80s sound. 

10. What is the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice that I have gotten was really from the older generation of artist like my family because they been there and don’t that made mistakes and had to fix it themselves or make do with the consequences that followed  them and keep God as your center. That is who you trust  which will guide you to make the right decisions. But the best advice diner apply in most cases today. 

So Just be who you are and do you and eventually your audience  will get it. Don’t try to jump on someone else’s bandwagon still in your own lane or crested your own lane. 

11. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I would change the violence that our industry is experiencing with all the beefs and get back to Love and relationships and family that made r and b what it is worth.  We were raised in good r and b soul with positive meanings even-though you may have disappointing and tragedy or whatever it all still had meaning coming from some where that describes what you or someone may go thru. Getting back  to basics with a twist  with new sounds out today. 

12. What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

I would like to be at the head if one of these labels heading up their A & R making decision. 

13a. What is your social media? 

All formats @binkywomack

13b. How can people get in contact with you? Www. 

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