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T-QUEST MUSIC REVIEW : PICASSO DE CONSCIENCE New Music Alert: Hip Hop recording artist Picasso De Conscience is hitting us with another banger! I introduced you all to his song and video “Gone for a Second” when he was on The T-Quest Show a while ago. He came through with great energy and a lot of personality. The thing that makes it even better; his record as well as his music video matches his vibe. It was an honor to interview him and get the scoop on his story. Picasso is unique, talented and confident in his own lane.

Make sure that you check out his new hit song by the name of “Match” The song is hot and the video is even spicier! He has the beautiful big booty models doing their thing in the video. I know for a fact, that he had a great time while filming it and it shows.

Picasso De Conscience shows how to balance different genres of energy. “Match” has the vibe of a video setting up a world of fun, seduction, professionalism and a touch of gangsta.  Not gangsta as in thug but gangsta as in dominant.  Here we see splashes of day and night. We got Bugs Bunny wearing Air Force Ones,  a smooth criminal in a suit, nurses, dancers and then some! 

Picasso is an artist that’s giving you all his authentic self so I need you to check him out, enjoy & support.

Keep up with Picasso De Conscience on Facebook: PicassoDeConscience IG: picassodeconscience & don’t forget that his music can be streamed on all digital platforms so let’s go run up his numbers!

Shout out to his team : Rogue Solutions Entertainment LLC  & Hood Genius Solutions LLC 

BIO: Picasso De Conscience is an African American song-writer born in Maywood, IL. Picasso De Conscience has a unique and unorthodox way of letting you into his world that is like no other. His music has an original yet legendary appeal. He is a hip-hop artist built for versatility.

Picasso has a smooth yet catchy way of asserting himself within his music. He spits knowledge with a touch of comedy. His music is easy to digest, and he is also well known for rapping in the arts of storytelling. He paints a picture so you can walk the journey with him. Seems like each track reveals a different touch or a different side of Picasso’s mind and personality.  

The genre of music he considers himself is Hip-Hop or Alternative. Originality is the key to break down any door in his eyes.

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