T-Quest Music Review: Lil Bae

T-Quest Music Review: Lil Bae

T-Quest Music Review: Lil Bae is a star! When I was first introduced to her; she was a singer so my jaw dropped when I saw her recently on stage spitting bars! I was shocked and impressed. The way she dominated the stage and captivated her audience was amazing. She even had them chanting her famous line in her new single “Bad B*tch”. Now that’s how you show up and show out on stage! She reminded me of artists who still believe in the importance of artist development. She knows how to interact with her crowd, keep them in tuned with her, she has perfect breath control and knows how to properly hold a mic. I was standing in front of the stage like an ultimate fan.

Recently I had the honor of having Lil Bae on The T-Quest Show and it was an experience within itself. Learning more about her as an artist, her alter ego, and the balance of being a hardworking mom. She is a reminder that if you truly have a passion for something; you should not give it up. It may be hard at times but as long as you have a true passion for it, you can still get it done. Lil Bae is a firecracker but the perfect sweetheart at the same time. She genuinely wants to shine but wants to see other people shine as well.

Lil Bae recently released her new single titled “Bad B*tch” & this song is trending right now on all streaming platforms! It’s an anthem reminding women that you got this! You can do it all and then some. Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Like Lil Bae said in the lyrics “F*ck I look like b*tch” This song is on repeat on Gotta Love Me Radio as well as other radio stations. I’m asking you all to check it out because this song will be the next hit on the charts!

To keep up with this amazing gifted woman, you can follow her on social media @lil_ba33 and like I said, please support by streaming her music which is available now on all outlets. If you are a promoter looking for your next act to blaze your stage; look no further because no one is going to rock the mic like Lil Bae!


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The Quest Chronicles: Someone Say SEX?

The Quest Chronicles: Someone Say SEX? : Recently I posted on social media that I was doing a new relationship show. There wasn’t much interaction on it. I went back to edit the post and stated that I was going to do a new SEX show and all of a sudden my post was trending. Likes & comments are still coming in. People are so predictable at times. The people have made it very clear to what they want. The QUESTion is, do they really want a sex show or curious to wonder what T-Quest has to say about sex? Would she talk about her own personal life?
Some people were disappointed in me for wanting to do a sex show and to be honest, I’m more disappointed in them. If I do a SEX show, it would be done tastefully. People should never assume the worst.  Whether we like it or not, SEX is a major topic that needs to talked about. Not for entertainment purposes but in general. There’s so many couples out there that’s secretly unsatisfied and my show may help. With that being said, make sure you continue to follow me for the updates so you can tune in, be educated yet entertained!
The Quest Chronicles: Someone Say SEX?
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