Kenneka Jenkins 19- years-old was found dead in a walk-in freezer on Sunday morning at 12:38 am at the Rosemont hotel in Chicago. Kenneka attended a hotel room party with a few friends Saturday night when she and a girlfriend decided to call it the night and leave the party. When the Shelton turn around to retrieve her cell phone before leaving when Shelton came back out the room she was in a panic as to where Kenneka had gone, it’s been said that Shelton came back into the room asking the remaining friends in the room if they had seen or heard from Kenneka because she could not find her.


Teresa Martin said her daughter’s friends called her after 4 a.m. Saturday to say they had lost track of Kenneka in the hotel and left after they were unable to find her. The friends said they were in the car Martin’s had lent her daughter for the night and they had Kenneka’s’ cellphone. Teresa said she headed to the hotel around 5 a.m. Saturday morning to try to find her daughter. Hotel staff told her they needed a missing person report from police before they could start reviewing surveillance video of the premises. Teresa then contacted the Rosemont Police Department to report that her daughter was missing, and it was at that time she was told to wait a few hours before reporting Kenneka missing to see if Kenneka would return back to the hotel.

When Kenneka did not return her sister Leonore Harris, filed a missing person report with Rosemont police later that morning, Authorities notified the hotel about the missing teen around 1:15 p.m. Saturday. The 11-hour search for Kenneka included all public areas and the ninth floor, where she was last seen by witnesses. Hotel surveillance footage showed Ms. Jenkins “staggering” near the front desk at around 3:20 am on Saturday, Martin told the newspaper she believed her daughter would have found it hard to open the freezer doors if she was drunk, and that she would have realized they were not the doors for the hotel’s entrance or an elevator.

When the Internet and the media got wind of Kenneka going missing from the Rosemont hotel it sent the Internet into a “Frenzy” trying to find out what exactly happened to Kenneka Jenkins. While in the party there had been a few friends who decided to “Go Live” documenting the night as it went on. In one of the video’s you can see Kenneka and Shelton going up to the room in the elevator, then there is another video clip that show’s the two girls inside a hotel room bath doing what all teen’s do which is taking video’s or selfies. Kenneka and Shelton in the video seem to be enjoying themselves. Then there was a third video that surfaces of a young lady named Roberts filming while sitting on the bed with a few other girls, Roberts and a few other teens are seen smoking. Now the Roberts video footage sent the Internet into a frenzy, many believe you can hear in the audio that Kenneka had been screaming for help and allegedly was being raped by some boys in the bath. While the others did nothing but continuing on with partying and turning up the music to cover Kenneka’s cries for help. Since then there has been a fourth video that has come out which shows Kenneka had been in the room and had been just fine during the time that she was allegedly being raped and screaming for help.


The stories continue to twist and unfold as to what really happened to KennekaJenkins, it has been said that the Rosemont area is known for trafficking “Human Body Parts” and selling them on the black market. Many are wondering did Kenneka run into someone who had ties to “Human Body Trafficking” while she was waiting for her friend in the hotel lobby. It has also been said by many of Kenneka’s friends who attended the party that night that there was a “Security Guard” who was creepy and had been coming to the door knocking, but wouldn’t say anything but stare.


Teresa Martin Kenneka mother, as well as people around the world, has banned together wanting answers as to what really happened to Kenneka that night. Many who had followed the story closely has come out pounding the pavement with trying to get answers and trying to get the Mayor involved so that Kenneka’s family can get the answers that they want and deserve. Teresa Martin said that Mr. Holmes who is an activist and who has been working somewhat close with the family has lied and has deceived their family. Mr. Holmes can be heard in a news conference saying that he was given a walkthrough of the “Freezer” where Kenneka’s body had been found, he also said that he was able to watch complete video footage retracing Kenneka’s last night that Saturday night. Holmes said that he saw Kenneka walking around the hotel as if she was loss, Holmes then says that it appears that Kenneka was lost and trying to find her way back to the lobby. Holmes says that you can see Kenneka on the video surveillance trying to open up doors and going in them and coming back out, Holmes also says you can see Kenneka also walking into the Freezer where her body was later found.


Now, this has all left us scratching our heads!!!! I don’t know about you, but I am wondering exactly how did “Holmes” get a walkthrough of the Rosemont hotel freezer before Kenneka’s mother Teresa Martin? I’m also wondering how exactly did “Holmes” get to view the surveillance footage before Kenneka’s family. Teresa Martin has said that she did not give the police department approval to show Holmes or anyone else for that matter the surveillance footage, nor has she been giving permission to even see the footage yet nor has she had a walkthrough of the freezer where her daughter Kenneka had been found.  Martin is not the only one calling “Holmes” out but so is a fellow activist who says that “Holmes” had lied to him as well about many things pertaining to Kenneka’s case. Activist Jedidiah Brown went live saying Andrew Holmes is involved in corruption and also has a hand in trying to cover up what really happened to 19 year- old Kenneka Jenkins. Brown also has apologized to Teresa for not knowing that “Holmes” was lying to her and her family since Brown and Martin has outed “Holmes” for lying. Brown saying that he had an appointment with the Mayor of Rosemount to get the surveillance footage released to Martin and the public. Brown since went “Live” saying that the Mayor is now refusing to see him, in the video Brown is seen walking back into the Mayor’s office asking why doesn’t the Mayor want to see him. When he had made an appointment the day before and the Mayor had agreed to said appointment, the officer at the front desk simply replies by saying ” The Mayor said he will not see you because you do not have an appointment in the system”.


Something is truly not right about what “Really Happened to Kenneka Jenkins” Continued prayers for the family and I’m praying that her family will get the answers that they deserve. As of today Sept 15, 2017 Police in Rosemont have released all surveillance video received from the hotel where 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in a freezer over the weekend. In the videos released by police, Jenkins appears to be stumbling in the hotel kitchen, hallways and out of an elevator.


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