MGR Recording Artist Mayo Drops A Mixtape “No Promises” Hosted By Trey Gee Tha Ghost


MGR CERTIFIED Recording Artist Mayo is an outstanding artist that brings a lot to the game. When I first heard about this guy I knew it had to be a artist that had to be polished and not just some artist that calls himself putting out music for fun. His delivery, definite dedication and his wordplay and his incredible way of formatting a full song. Mayo is definitely a storyteller in his music. He’s been through some tragic situations but he really paints that picture of pain in his music. Mayo dedicated his latest Mixtape that actually Straight Official Magazine debuting is entitled “No Promises” Hosted By Trey Gee Tha Ghost Presented By MGR, Stack Or Starve, MTMDj’s and also Fleet Dj’s to his Deceased Brother Ashton Wise who was a 11 year victim of Chicago Violence, December 11, 2009. The strength and pain through the music tell it all. Mayo signed to MGR/MMG ten years later the summer of 2019 and been putting out crazy hits included the trending Single “Damage”, that has been debuted on Top Radio Stations such as Chicago’s Power 92, Wgci and 97.3FM The Heat in Grand Rapids Michigan and host of internet Radio Stations etc. Check him out you are in for some Good Music Below is His Latest Mixtape and this is an Exclusive!!!!!!





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Semaj Crosby the 17 month old toddler was found dead in her Juliet township home, authorities found Semaj body located underneath the families couch on April 27th 2017, Sheri Gordon the mother of Semaj Crosby occupied the home with her mother Darlene Crosby, her sister Lakreisha Crosby and Sheri’s other children.


On April 25th 2017 Semaj was reported missing to authorities by Sheri Gordon claiming that her 17 month old daughter had wandered off while playing in the yard. But Darlene Crosby says that Sheri had taken Semaj into the family home to change the toddlers diaper.


When authorities arrived there had been Sheri Gordon and four women at the home at the time Semaj Crosby allegedly wandered off, the authority’s did a quick sweep through the family home to see if the could located Semaj Crosby hiding some where in the family home. Because the missing person’s report stated that the toddler had wandered off the authorities decided to focus more of there attention outside the home.Her disappearance sparked an intense search by police and dozens of community members but nothing came out of the search.


On April 27th 2017 just two days after Semaj Crosby was reported missing the authorities returned to the home, finding the toddlers body under the couch. One of the officers said when he entered the home it was in “deplorable condition” and that Sheri lived along squatters.Detectives said they don’t know when or how Semaj’s body got under the family’s couch. Law enforcement initially searched the house, but since the first reports indicated she had wandered off or was taken, police dedicated the search to surrounding areas. Three months after the death of Semaj Crosby, there have been no arrests. An autopsy revealed no signs of trauma and no clear indication of how she died. Law enforcement officials said toxicology reports and other evidence tests are still pending.


Troubling allegation started to come up about the Crosby family and Gordon home they shared were well-known to Will County Sheriff’s detectives and the Department of Children and Family Services.

According to police call logs, detectives responded to the home on the 300 block of Louis Road more than 80 times in a span of two years. Calls included disturbances, domestic battery and probation checks. Also a 22-page DCFS report released after Semaj’s death revealed caseworkers had responded to Gordon’s home 10 times before the girl went missing.

A tipster reported that approximately 30 people were living in the home and “occupants openly sell drugs and they drink” while children are unsupervised, the report stated.

DCFS report’s contained several allegations of abuse, including one of sexual abuse, which was later deemed unfounded. Another incident involved a 7-year-old child in the home who expressed suicidal thoughts and wasn’t given medication. The reports from DCFS says that the home was messy but was not deplorable, although after Semaj’s death reveal the house was filthy and roach-infested. The home was actually deemed uninhabitable after Semaj’s death.

Just 1 day after Semaj Crosby was laid to rest the family home where Semaj was found dead had burned down to the ground. Authorities believe that they fire had been intently set to hide and get ride of evidence.

For 5 moths this case has been a mystery as to what truly happened to Semaj Crosby. As of September 28th 2017 the “Freedom Fighters” had been summoned by Semaj Crosby God-mother to take a look into the case of Semaj Crosby. If you don’t know who the Freedom Fighters are they helped assist with the “Kenneka Jenkins” case. When authorities found out that the Freedom Fighters had been asked to look into the case they decided to reopen the case again.Investigators have named several persons of interest including Sema’j’s mother, grandmother, and aunt. No charges have been filed, authorities have released the cause of death which was “Asphyxiate”, ruling the case now a homicide.


DCFS answers tough questions about Semaj Crosby’s death



Father of Sema’j Crosby: “I just want my baby to have justice”




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[MUSIC VIDEO] Twista – Disrespectful Crook County iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Director: Will Gates Producer: Open World Films Music video by Twista performing Disrespectful. 2017 GMG
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