November 2023

Journalist Bae | Introducing King Priimme @_kingpriimme

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November 28, 2023 — I got the opportunity to sit down with the 1st artist out of Virginia Fleet! According to him, he doesn’t do “heart to hearts” because he puts it all in the music. Neverttheless, this was that. Meet this Brooklyn-native, King Priimme. Let’s get into it.

Now, He’s King Priimme…

He used to be Optimus Prime or Bars, amongst other names, but now he’s known exclusively as King Priimme. In 1990, Anthony “King Priimme” Johnson was born in none other than Brooklyn, NY. Let him tell it, the journey to King began immediately. His [maternal] family is musically inclined so it was only natural to join the hallway cyphers around the boombox. The family affair was so real that Priimme and his cousin began to rap under their uncle’s wing after relocating to Virginia in 2003. However, the empire state of mind never left, citing influences like JAY-Z and the Notorious BIG. Feeling like an only child, the venture out with his cousin took him further than he expected.

I’ve been rapping, but I got to a point where I was ready to know what I sounded like on a song!”

@_KingPriimme on When he hopped off the music porch

Dream Team Records

Once he started to get the hang of things, he eventually left from under his uncle to create Dream Team Records with the intention to change the wave of music. Priimme explained that hip-hop is no longer real generally. It’s been twisted, turned, and diluted to accommodate a very sensitive, impressionable environment. He was also very clear that after a certain point, everything about and around him has been carefully crafted and chosen. If nothing else, I can definitely agree with that – representation matters!

I can’t make you want it as much as I want it & I definitely want it!”

King Priimme on Choosing a team

VA Fleet

Shoutout to DJ Pink Diamond for recruiting the 1st ever VA fleet artist. So far with coalition, the artist has been able to walk through new doors and sit at new tables. Including performing at the Virginia Fleet Conference, headlining this saturday at Open Mic, with more appearances coming soon after. While family/work balance is important to the artist, you can expect his next project “The Black & White Album” next year. For now, you can vibe to his single “Right Now” and his other projects.

Check more of him here:

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DJ Kay Slay’s ‘Rolling 200 Deep’ Unleashed

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In a fitting tribute, DJ Kay Slay is being honored with the release of the most extensive posse cut in hip-hop history “Rolling 200 Deep,” 

DJ Kay Slay

In the tradition of ‘Rolling 50 Deep’ and ‘Rolling 110 Deep,’ DJ Kay Slay has dropped his final offering, ‘Rolling 200 Deep’. A colossal track featuring an astounding roster of 200 rappers. Spanning across multiple generations of hip-hop talent.

With a runtime of 62 minutes, this musical extravaganza is divided into 16 distinct tracks. It was already in the works before the tragic loss of DJ Kay Slay to Covid last year.

‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is the fourth installment in DJ Kay Slay’s celebrated ‘Rolling Deep’ series. This includes ‘Rolling 25 Deep’ (2005), ‘Rolling 50 Deep’ (2020), and ‘Rolling 110 Deep’ (2021).

What To Expect

The lineup for this epic track is nothing short of legendary. Featuring iconic figures such as Snoop Dogg, Ice-T, Raekwon, Run DMC, Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, and Goodie Mob. Alongside these legends you’ll find other notable names like Tony Yayo, Cory Gunz, KING Crooked, Uncle Murda, Herb McGruff & Stan Spit.

Cassidy, Joel Ortiz, Young Buck, Rah Digga, Kid Capri, and many more contributed their lyrical prowess to this ambitious project. The production of ‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is masterfully handled by Suits TM of Trackateering Music. The music video was expertly directed and edited by Will C. and Richie4K of StreetHeatTV.

DJ Kay Slay

DJ Kay Slay’s journey in the world of hip-hop is a tale of evolution. Known as a prominent graffiti artist, he gained recognition through his appearance in the 1983 graffiti documentary, ‘Style Wars.’ He bore witness to the birth of hip-hop culture firsthand, observing the rise of luminaries like Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizzard Theodore, and Kool DJ Red Alert.

Change of Course

However, his life took a different turn as he became entangled in street life, leading to a period of incarceration in the late 1980s. Upon his release in 1990, he was granted a fresh start. 

His musical career eventually soared with the release of four successful studio albums: ‘The Streetsweeper, Vol. 1,’ ‘The Streetsweeper, Vol. 2,’ ‘The Champions: North Meets South’ (with Greg Street), and ‘More Than Just a DJ.’ DJ Kay Slay also hosted a highly acclaimed radio show on Hot 97.

In August, the streets of his native Harlem, N.Y., paid tribute to DJ Kay Slay by unveiling a street sign in his honor at East 105th Street and 1st Avenue. The poignant ceremony occurred just one day before what would have been his 57th birthday. Hip-hop luminaries such as 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Tony Yayo, and others attended.

In Conclusion

‘Rolling 200 Deep’ is a unique masterpiece in hip-hop history. It echoes the voice of the streets and the culture of hip-hop that DJ Kay Slay so passionately represented. Artists like Papoose have openly acknowledged the profound influence of DJ Kay Slay, with Papoose stating, “I probably wouldn’t be in the game if it wasn’t for Slay.”

DJ Kay Slay Rolling 200 Deep
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