Introducing Florida entertainer Mr. Micah King, a.k.a. king Micah King

Mr. Micah King, a.k.a. king Micah King, is an entertainer from Florida with a gift for showing the human side of characters whom many people may be tempted to ignore. This ability is honed through King’s consistent practices of physical and mental discipline, as well as, through hard-learned lessons from trying times.

King’s work as an entertainer builds on his training and experience in accounting, psychology, broadcasting and acting. With this foundation, he has been an active contributor in several family businesses and an independent entrepreneur. Due to troubles with the law, his professional progress was interrupted. In 2016 after being released from incarceration, Mr. King found himself homeless and sleeping in parks in Atlanta. At this dark moment, King was determined to pursue his vision of continuing work as a professional entertainer. He strategized ways to connect with the Atlanta film industry, taking any opportunities they opened to network, audition, train, create and work.

By May 2016, this persistence paid off. Mr. King landed a roll alongside Charlize Theron in Fast and Furious 8 as one of her henchmen. He quotes “working with Charlize Theron was amazing! I didn’t know she was so tall, so talented and still so funny. She had me laughing every day!My favorite memory of her on set is when she drove a golf cart with too many of us on it from set to lunch. A couple of us fell off but I hung in there! She challenged all of us to think about what our characters wanted from each scene so we could bring something surprising to the screen.”

He also spoke about working with Gary F Gray, “Gary is amazing he is such a visionary. It was my first time ever on a movie set, and I’m so glad it was working with him. I probably wouldn’t be here if he didn’t open a door for me. He showed me how to see a vision when nobody else could. This helped me start my craft to look deeply into characters that people think they understand and find a deeper human story. People often judge me by the way I look or speak. Gary helped me learn how I can use my acting to help people rethink their assumptions.”

That was Mr. Micah King’s 1st movie but definitely not his last. He has continued to build a reputation within the Atlanta film industry and participated in dozens of projects over the past few years, from music videos to photo shoots to full length films. Beyond his role as an actor, Mr. King shares his unique views on life via two Podcasts. On the “Typically Strange Podcast,” Mr King takes ideas that people may find in accessible and presents them in a new way that draws in the audience. Meanwhile his podcast called “Talking Dirty After Dark” gives people permission to ask honest questions about relationships that can’t typically be asked in other settings. Mr. King will share practical, yet humorous and empathetic advice on how to listen well to those we love in his forthcoming book, “Less explaining: more understanding”. Mr. Micah King is a true super star on the rise. The self-proclaimed “Unmoved Mover” often reminds us to check our biases and see what the world can teach us each day. With an entertaining style that makes us think more clearly and feel more deeply, Mr Micah King will keep us watching!

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