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Welcome to my Cocktails and Conversations Corner. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! The rules here are simple…have an open mind and remember, IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK somewhere.


My Beautiful Faces allow me the opportunity to tell you about a conversation I had with Marc Handsome. This artist is like no other. From the first time I was able to talk with him, I love his STRAIGHT NO CHASER attitude. You could tell he was about his business. On three different occasions, I listened to Marc Handsome speak highly of his single IF I LIKE IT. The moment I heard the song I was sold, but to get to know the man behind the single, that took me to a different level of like.


Marc Handsome is no stranger to music. After working with countless artist and music moguls, he decided to change a few things in his life. Marc took time to revamp his image and let the world know he was raising the bar. Once he understood the years of trial and error were over, Marc created his own lane. As I listened to him go more in depth, I was in awe of how this young man was taking full advantage of the opportunities before him. When I asked how he felt about the NEW HIM, he said “I love the new brand, I’m more confident and I see what others were seeing in me before.”

During the lane shift, a hot new single was created, IF I LIKE IT. The story behind how all of this took place was amazing. Marc Handsome gave me some interesting insight. Jim Jones was actually one of his favorite artists. Believe it or not, he was confident in knowing Jim Jones would one day do the feature. The belief was so high, he actually left a spot for him to add his verse. As fate would have it, the two crossed paths and the magic was created.


CHEERS to Marc Handsome. True hard work and determination have paid off. The video to IF I LIKE IT is now available for your viewing pleasure. The song was on point but the video transformed it to LEVEL UP status. To see Marc Handsome sitting on top of a street sign is only a glimpse of the heights this artist will reach. The New York streets, vocals from Alexis Renee and the rhymes of Jim Jones were spot on. The team did an outstanding job with bringing this hit to life.


Well my loves it’s closing time for this conversation. As I finish my Sprite and Crown Apple I can’t help but think about how talking to Marc Handsome was such a treat. Even though he is not much of a drinker, he loves a good meal and Mimosas. After watching him work hard at promoting this project, he deserves it. I truly believe the best is yet to come. He is an artist that feeds off of good vibes and energy. Taking care of business and giving back to the youth is a passion. Remembering his struggles has helped him stay focused. To me, these reasons alone will take his career past anything he can imagine.

Cheers my beautiful faces. Enjoy every moment life has to offer, most importantly drink responsibly. Be sure to stop by for another round of Cocktails and Conversations right here in Straight Official Magazine. In the meantime, connect with me on social media platforms. Don’t be shy!   Monday 8 – 10pm CST. Tune into DA LOUNGE on Facebook: Soulful Social Butterfly. Instagram: @Mzkim2012 Email:

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Kim da SSB aka Soulful Social Butterfly is a TN FLEET HOST and Radio Personality. Her motto is “LIVE LIKE  IT’S YOUR LAST” She is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, motivator, blogger and more. Kim is also a member of the Fleetdjs Coalition. You can hear her Monday  and Wednesday 8-10pm cst on Power99damixx. She is  the founder of I’m a.l.i.v.e.(accepting life is very essential) a business that house  the various ways she try to reach the masses by way of Motivational Speaking, merchandise, and entertainment.  She devotes her time to advocating against Domestic Violence, Bullying and Suicide Prevention. At some point she has danced with all three. As a domestic violence survivor she strives  to show the importance of self love and your worth in hopes that others will find the courage to leave.  Neo soul and old skool R&B are her favorite genre of music. Entertaining and creating a vibe gives her great pleasure. Music saved her and  now she  is  determined to show the world the wonderful healing powers of music.

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