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Today the much-awaited single from Sergen entitled “Habibi” drops. On April 2rd the German artist wrote a heartfelt message via Instagram explaining his year-long absence and his excitement about being signed. The post translated into English reads “Haven’t posted anything in a while. All the more beautiful is that now I can finally get started with everything again. I was away from posting for about a year. In that time I was finally able to make my own muck, focus on myself and sign a deal. A piece of a dream comes true with this. Very excited about what the future brings. I look forward to working with all the partners on my side. From now on I am taking this route and taking yall on this journey. The journey will be long and the route is certain. Looking forward to everyone who is on board”

Sergen’s time off was clearly used to bring his new debut single with intensity. The song and music video are incredibly put together and fans are quickly responding to his release. This song is that one hit you need to send to your “Habibi”.

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