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This week I decided to sort through some of Audible original titles and I came across a new story from Mindy Kaling entitled “Kind of Hindi”. I found it to be an exciting title as I often make similar comments on my own religious status. I think as adults we are frequently asked about our religion and often can’t find the right words to label exactly what we are. We often give a vague description that starts with what religion we were raised on, we follow up with other religions we have been exposed to, and then end with some final thought of what we kind of are now.

Religion is such a personal experience nowadays that it often leaves mothers confused when it is time to teach and pass on our religion to our children. In this audiobook, Mindy describes her struggles of passing on her religious beliefs even when she doesn’t feel she is that Hindu. The book is funny, light-hearted and truly explains the importance of religion and cultural ties for children. It will have you sitting back and thinking about your own religious choices, culture, and how you want your children to develop their own religion.

“Kind of Hindi” is an Amazon Audible Original Title by Mindy Kaling, 2022

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USHUAÏA: The Hotel That Changed Ibiza

USHUAÏA IBIZA has one unique slogan that states it has changed Ibiza forever. With such a fantastic claim, I had to research this travel destination to see what could be so unique and unforgettable about a hotel. It didn’t take me long to agree that USHUAÏA IBIZA is one incredible place. So many hotels focus on the idea of relaxing and taking time to rejuvenate within their walls. USHUAÏA IBIZA is different. It is a place to indulge your senses and give you an adrenaline rush from the moment you step foot on the property. Here are the ways that this hotel has changed the Ibiza experience.


If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to be wealthy and famous for a weekend, then this hotel is for you. You can put away your daily life, travel to the world-class Ibiza, and step into your royal treatment at this hotel. The hotel has added all the details for you to experience complete luxury. It is no wonder so many famous celebrities have made this one of their favorite travel destinations.


The USHUAÏA Tower Rooms are each designed with a unique luxurious vibe that can only be experienced at this hotel. Some of these designs include round glowing beds, showers in the middle of the room, seaside terraces, jacuzzis on outdoor balconies, hydromassage bathtubs, and DJ tables. Living like royalty for the weekend has never been easier.


The Stage View Suite USHUAÏA IBIZA
The Stage View Suite

These rooms allow you to enjoy the world-class music festival stage right from your spacious balcony. These rooms also have unique amenities I have never even heard of, like a color therapy shower. They also have glass see-through bathtubs in the center of the room that hint at the erotic. All the amenities will indulge the guest’s senses and give them comfort to let loose and have a good time.


I would try and put their exquisite restaurants into words but I think they put it best on their website when they wrote

“The tongue remembers. Give it the most delicious memories by delving into the refined gastronomy of our restaurants. Appetites. The most selective. A plate of oysters, and kisses with the flavor of the sea. Enjoy life. Share the best wine on the beach with your friends. Escape the routine. Excite the tongue with distant tastes and textures. Exotic. Vanguard. Calm the carnivorous impulse and sink your fangs into the perfect meat: tender, without resistance, prepared how you like. Get the party started with a bottle of French champagne. Bubbles. Appetites. The night. New desires for the tongue. The awakening. An astounding breakfast for a day full of promise. The myriad flavors of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. Try them all.”


Music Festival at USHUAÏA IBIZA

Every night is a party here with a full stage to host some of the world’s biggest artists and music festivals. Celebrities from all over the world travel here to let loose and enjoy the great vibes. One of the most unique parts of this venue that no one else has is the airplanes that fly directly over the stage which only adds to the complete rush.



The stage isn’t just for parties and music festivals, it also transforms into a fierce runway. The USHUAÏA IBIZA hosts some of the world’s most exciting fashion shows that fashion enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.



No trip would be complete without a dip in the pool. Enjoying the warm days while soaking up the rays is what everyone on vacation is looking for. The USHUAÏA IBIZA has two amazing pools one with a view of the stage and the other with views of the Mediterranean. A bar offering one-of-a-kind cocktails are ready to serve you poolside.


The VIP services at USHUAÏA IBIZA will leave you wanting to live at the hotel. They have a full wellness center to help you relax after enjoying a night of partying or relaxing on the Mediterranean on your own luxury boat. If relaxing isn’t your style you can also enjoy the fitness center with your own personal trainer and if that doesn’t impress you maybe the DJ school program will.


Even though this hotel has some of the most high-class amenities I saw, it really is the small thoughtful details that are put into everything. just a short list of some of my favorite services they offer are

  • Free water throughout your stay
  • Bedrooms with lounge bars
  • Erotic Kits
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Pillow Menu
  • Room Service
  • Tattoo kits

USHUAÏA IBIZA has become an icon that has changed the travel game and brought a new experience. They are right when they stated that USHUAÏA is the hotel that changed Ibiza.

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Beloved Punjabi singer, rapper, and politician SIDHU MOOSEWALA was shot and killed on May 29th, 2022. Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu was best known by his stage name Sidhu Moosewala. The 28-year-old artist underwent an autopsy that revealed his death was confirmed after receiving 24 gunshots. The attack happened a day after his security was trimmed by the state government. This has sparked questions and his murder has led to a political storm, igniting massive outrage from fans and opposition leaders. Punjab’s Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has ordered an inquiry led by a high court judge to look into the incident. Touching photos of the beloved artist have been circulating the internet as family, friends, and fans grieve his passing. We would like to give our deepest condolences to all who are suffering from his passing and his legendary work will live on in the hearts of everyone he reached.

Interviews and reflection on his passing in the media


Sidhu Moosewala Goat
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Puerto Rican Rapper Jon Z isn’t holding back for his birthday this year. He is ready to turn up the heat in Puerto Rico. This Friday, May 20th, you can join in on his birthday bash; the artist will be at La Perla Listening Party to promote his new album Proyecto Z. He has announced that the event is free, and all PR is invited. So ladies and fellas, grab your sunglasses and head that way because a birthday bash with Jon Z is sure to be epic.

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Today the much-awaited single from Sergen entitled “Habibi” drops. On April 2rd the German artist wrote a heartfelt message via Instagram explaining his year-long absence and his excitement about being signed. The post translated into English reads “Haven’t posted anything in a while. All the more beautiful is that now I can finally get started with everything again. I was away from posting for about a year. In that time I was finally able to make my own muck, focus on myself and sign a deal. A piece of a dream comes true with this. Very excited about what the future brings. I look forward to working with all the partners on my side. From now on I am taking this route and taking yall on this journey. The journey will be long and the route is certain. Looking forward to everyone who is on board”

Sergen’s time off was clearly used to bring his new debut single with intensity. The song and music video are incredibly put together and fans are quickly responding to his release. This song is that one hit you need to send to your “Habibi”.

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The invasion of Russia into Ukraine has cut through the hearts of the world as we have had to watch the destruction unfold. This war has reached the hearts of people from across the world and sadly the majority of the world is powerless against the pain that is ripping through Ukraine. Many artists and celebrities have spoken out about their feelings during this time and last month Capital Bra dropped his song entitled “Stop Wars” which features Kontra K and is produced by PAIX. The song currently has 1.6 million views on YouTube, So why has this song touched his fans in such a unique way? This is most likely due to the status of voice Capital Bra holds in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

Capital Bra was born in 1994 and spent his first childhood years growing up in Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine before moving to Berlin with his mother in 2000. He started rapping at the young age of 11 and developed his style of East Slavic and Arabic words that would later shake the hip hop world. In 2016 his career started to soar and he has won numerous awards throughout his career. His music has traveled throughout Germany and Europe and his YouTube videos have an astounding amount of views. Some of them topped out at around 80 Million. He clearly has a voice that reaches millions and his Ukrainian roots have had fans looking for his opinion on the war.

The song “Stop Wars” has communicated his thoughts and feelings on the war that is estimated to of killed around 80 thousand lives, 11 million people displaced, and 400 people missing. His lyrics are heartfelt and touching through his experience of the situation that has hit his home.

If only you know how many tears a bullet brings

Capital Bra has posted the song on his youtube that can be heard in German. Many other YouTube accounts have translated the song into different languages including English.

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