USHUAÏA IBIZA has one unique slogan that states it has changed Ibiza forever. With such a fantastic claim, I had to research this travel destination to see what could be so unique and unforgettable about a hotel. It didn’t take me long to agree that USHUAÏA IBIZA is one incredible place. So many hotels focus on the idea of relaxing and taking time to rejuvenate within their walls. USHUAÏA IBIZA is different. It is a place to indulge your senses and give you an adrenaline rush from the moment you step foot on the property. Here are the ways that this hotel has changed the Ibiza experience.


If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to be wealthy and famous for a weekend, then this hotel is for you. You can put away your daily life, travel to the world-class Ibiza, and step into your royal treatment at this hotel. The hotel has added all the details for you to experience complete luxury. It is no wonder so many famous celebrities have made this one of their favorite travel destinations.


The USHUAÏA Tower Rooms are each designed with a unique luxurious vibe that can only be experienced at this hotel. Some of these designs include round glowing beds, showers in the middle of the room, seaside terraces, jacuzzis on outdoor balconies, hydromassage bathtubs, and DJ tables. Living like royalty for the weekend has never been easier.


The Stage View Suite USHUAÏA IBIZA
The Stage View Suite

These rooms allow you to enjoy the world-class music festival stage right from your spacious balcony. These rooms also have unique amenities I have never even heard of, like a color therapy shower. They also have glass see-through bathtubs in the center of the room that hint at the erotic. All the amenities will indulge the guest’s senses and give them comfort to let loose and have a good time.


I would try and put their exquisite restaurants into words but I think they put it best on their website when they wrote

“The tongue remembers. Give it the most delicious memories by delving into the refined gastronomy of our restaurants. Appetites. The most selective. A plate of oysters, and kisses with the flavor of the sea. Enjoy life. Share the best wine on the beach with your friends. Escape the routine. Excite the tongue with distant tastes and textures. Exotic. Vanguard. Calm the carnivorous impulse and sink your fangs into the perfect meat: tender, without resistance, prepared how you like. Get the party started with a bottle of French champagne. Bubbles. Appetites. The night. New desires for the tongue. The awakening. An astounding breakfast for a day full of promise. The myriad flavors of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel. Try them all.”


Music Festival at USHUAÏA IBIZA

Every night is a party here with a full stage to host some of the world’s biggest artists and music festivals. Celebrities from all over the world travel here to let loose and enjoy the great vibes. One of the most unique parts of this venue that no one else has is the airplanes that fly directly over the stage which only adds to the complete rush.



The stage isn’t just for parties and music festivals, it also transforms into a fierce runway. The USHUAÏA IBIZA hosts some of the world’s most exciting fashion shows that fashion enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.



No trip would be complete without a dip in the pool. Enjoying the warm days while soaking up the rays is what everyone on vacation is looking for. The USHUAÏA IBIZA has two amazing pools one with a view of the stage and the other with views of the Mediterranean. A bar offering one-of-a-kind cocktails are ready to serve you poolside.


The VIP services at USHUAÏA IBIZA will leave you wanting to live at the hotel. They have a full wellness center to help you relax after enjoying a night of partying or relaxing on the Mediterranean on your own luxury boat. If relaxing isn’t your style you can also enjoy the fitness center with your own personal trainer and if that doesn’t impress you maybe the DJ school program will.


Even though this hotel has some of the most high-class amenities I saw, it really is the small thoughtful details that are put into everything. just a short list of some of my favorite services they offer are

  • Free water throughout your stay
  • Bedrooms with lounge bars
  • Erotic Kits
  • Blackout Curtains
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Pillow Menu
  • Room Service
  • Tattoo kits

USHUAÏA IBIZA has become an icon that has changed the travel game and brought a new experience. They are right when they stated that USHUAÏA is the hotel that changed Ibiza.

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