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The invasion of Russia into Ukraine has cut through the hearts of the world as we have had to watch the destruction unfold. This war has reached the hearts of people from across the world and sadly the majority of the world is powerless against the pain that is ripping through Ukraine. Many artists and celebrities have spoken out about their feelings during this time and last month Capital Bra dropped his song entitled “Stop Wars” which features Kontra K and is produced by PAIX. The song currently has 1.6 million views on YouTube, So why has this song touched his fans in such a unique way? This is most likely due to the status of voice Capital Bra holds in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine.

Capital Bra was born in 1994 and spent his first childhood years growing up in Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine before moving to Berlin with his mother in 2000. He started rapping at the young age of 11 and developed his style of East Slavic and Arabic words that would later shake the hip hop world. In 2016 his career started to soar and he has won numerous awards throughout his career. His music has traveled throughout Germany and Europe and his YouTube videos have an astounding amount of views. Some of them topped out at around 80 Million. He clearly has a voice that reaches millions and his Ukrainian roots have had fans looking for his opinion on the war.

The song “Stop Wars” has communicated his thoughts and feelings on the war that is estimated to of killed around 80 thousand lives, 11 million people displaced, and 400 people missing. His lyrics are heartfelt and touching through his experience of the situation that has hit his home.

If only you know how many tears a bullet brings

Capital Bra has posted the song on his youtube that can be heard in German. Many other YouTube accounts have translated the song into different languages including English.

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