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Samual Christian also known as Sam Chris is American singer, songwriter and composer. He’s worked with the likes of OutKast, Big Boi, Too Short, Bun B, Earth Wind and Fire, Busta Rymes, The Game and Nappy Roots to name a few. His smooth husky voice has been featured in some of the greatest hits on charts such as”I can’t wait” “Hey love” “No competition” and “Lax files”. He’s been on the scene musically for a long time working both in front of and behind the scenes. 

Most recently Straight Official has the opportunity to speak to Sam Chris. The conversation went something like this

SO: Hello Mr Sam Chris! Thank you for sitting down with us and allowing us to speak with you! Now you’re a phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer amongst so many other things. How did you get your start in the world of music?

SC: Derik Nichols, offered me a contract to sing background for JOE the R&B singer. I had just graduated high school, I came home and left for tour the same day.

SO: So tell us about Ticket booth?

SC: I met Scotty through Brian Austin Green, and Shane Mooney. We’ve been brothers since the late 90’s. When Scotty started producing, he played it for me, and it was DOPE!! So he said we should start a production, and I replied, “we already are homie”.  Then, “The Ticket Booth” was born.

SO: Has the pandemic had an effect on you musically? Have you had the opportunity to create more music or have you taken time for yourself to just rest?

SC:  The pandemic changed everything, but I still work on my music regardless, it just really slowed down my traveling. 

SO-  what is your contact information so the readers can contact you directly? 

SC-You can always reach me at. 

Twitter @I_Am_SamChris

Instagram @i_am_samchris



SO: we thank you Sam for taking timeout of your busy schedule to speak with us. Do you have any parting words, shout outs etc? 

SC: Nuff respect to First Classe, for taking the time out of her busy schedule, to interview us. To everyone else, thank you for listening, and stay Blessable my people!


Thank you for speaking with us! Remember follow me, @Firstclasse for updates.

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[INTERVIEW] “Bankroll Gimmick” talks New York City Hip-Hop and more with Jason Bourne

Rising performing artist as well as producer and engineer Bankroll Gimmick is a native of the birthplace of Hip Hop, the Boogie Down Bronx. Recording professionally since 2011, Bankroll has taken the time to carefully brand himself both sonically and promotionally. Currently promoting a plethora of releases, he has caught a buzz as a result of the feedback from popular tunes Way Strong, Out the Mud, and Aint Real. Inspired by some of the greatest contributors to Hip Hop home Bankroll Gimmick gives credit to his best friend Jerel Patterson as a motivator, and one who was very instrumental in his musical pursuits. A life-long lover of music, Bankroll draws on personal experiences as well as the life experiences of his closest friends, and family to develop the content and substance he has today. We sat down recently for an interview where we talked about the state of Hip Hop in our city, his creative process, and new music. Check it out below:

Jason Bourne: A lot has been made of the resurgence of NYC Hip Hop – what’s your take on where the city stands right now in the Hip Hop game?

BRG Gimmick: I think the city stands in a good place right now. It can never be forgotten that Hip Hop started in the city, but we also have to come to terms with the fact that the south and other regions took over for a little while. I take my hat off to anyone putting out good music, and handling their business but I am happy and inspired that the focus is back on the progress on The Big Apple. Would love to have myself and some others take things to the next level.

Jason Bourne: You are a native of the Bronx. One of the things that I have noticed in recent times is a unity amongst MCs in the Bronx which has helped the buzz stay high in the borough. Who are some of the artists that you have aligned yourself with on the collaboration tip?

BRG: I am most definitely from the Bronx (puts X’s up). The unity in the Bronx is at a high right now. I think it has always been like that on the collaboration tip but it also helps that it is being promoted more. Things like Social Media, and even more at the shows is something that is going public and inspire more people to follow suit. As far as my resume, I have collaborations with Sonny Mon3y right now as well as Romane, and O Banga.

Jason Bourne: For those who may not know, who is Bankroll Gimmick?

BRG: Bankroll Gimmick is a hustler. From young I realized money is not real, but it is necessary. Life experiences have taught me it is a trick, but the catch is you just have to make the trick work in your favor

Jason Bourne: How is your creative process? What’s the vibe in the studio?

BRG: The vibe with everything I do is up. Excitement, I can say. Once the vibe is right the music and everything else flows. I have a lot of energy and I only invite good energy to be around me in life and when I am in the studio.

Jason Bourne: What are 5 must haves for a recording session?

BRG: To be honest, a good amount of weed, and some liquor are must haves. (Pause) of course. Keep it 100, I like to light candles, and have good people around with the vibe like I was saying before. It is also a must to have a great engineer.

Jason Bourne: You and O Banga hooked up for your latest track, Bankroll; talk about that record and how it came together?

BRG: When the New Year dropped O Banga hit me up and let me know he had a record that would take us further this year. I trusted that and I said, man send it to me ASAP. Once I heard it I knew he was right because the track fit my aura. I wrote the verse immediately and we went right in to cook up. The rest is history. That record is doing very well for us.

Jason Bourne: What is your earliest memory of falling in love with Hip Hop?

BRG: My earliest memory of loving hip hop was about 1995-1996. I had bought 1 of Jay- Z albums and I also copped Puff Daddy & the Family album. I knew I loved Hip Hop after hearing those.

Jason Bourne: What should our audience be on the lookout for going into the next quarter and ending the year?

A lot of visuals. I have a couple of videos that I will be releasing as well as my album, GOLDEN RULE


Follow @BankRollGimmick


Listen to Bankroll featuring O Banga


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