Annyett Royale releases new single, “Best Friend”

An amazing singer and songwriter who was born of African American heritage in the city of San Bernardino, CA Annyett Royale is what is known as a triple threat; holding the natural ability to write, sing, and perform with a vocal range that is out of this world as a singer, Annyett has worked alongside some of the industries top artists, dancers, choreographers alike . Formerly signed to No Limit Records, she was managed by Papa Snoop, the father of the legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg.
Fast forward to now, Annyett Royale is excited to announce the release of her new single, Best Friend. Best Friend couples hard melodic production with sultry vocals. Scenes of the official video encompass all that is Annyett Royale, soulful and vibrate, as she continues to release R&B music for which people crave.

“This song describes what a best friend is…what a lover is or would or should be,”

– Annyett Royale.
Best Friend is available for streaming.
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DJ Jay Erica Intro: Firstly, thank you, Ms. Preacher Rapper, for sitting down with me to discuss your music career. It was great speaking with you previously. You’ve have had so much progress since our last conversation. I want to ask you a few questions regarding your career as a rising performer and discuss your new single ‘My God’s Kings & Queens’.

Ms. Preacher Rapper: Yes, absolutely. Thank you.

Q: You’re welcome. Can you firstly tell the viewers where you are from?

A: I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Q: Do you currently reside there?

A: I currently reside in Atlanta, Ga. I moved to Atlanta June of 2017. My main reason for moving was the need expand my music career & cosmetology career.

Q: How has relocating to Atlanta benefit your music career?  If you can explain specifically.

A: I’ve had the opportunity to network with active individuals in the music industry while in Atlanta. When I lived in my hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, I was only able to record music. There were not as many open avenues to promote, network, & grow my brand and music career overall.


Q: Can you describe your genre of music and why you choose this genre to express yourself creatively from an artistic standpoint?

A: My genre is gospel rap. Musically I speak from a spiritual and motivating standpoint. I rap about current events affecting our world today; which is not often talked about in current gospel music.

Q: Who are your musical influences?

A: Lecrae, Nas, Mary Mary, Tupac, Tamela Mann, & Shirley Ceasars.

Q: Nice selection.

A: Thank you.

Q: Let’s talk about your music. Let’s talk about your new single ‘My God’s Kings & Queens’, which hit the radio airwaves a few weeks ago with great response. What was the concept & inspiration behind the record?

A: The inspiration behind that record came from doing my research on my history, black history. Watching documentaries such as ‘Hidden Colors’ which brought me great inspiration artistically to express myself. Also wanting people to hear the truth about the world around us. Speaking of the many things that are affecting the black community such a politics, race, social class, and of course God.

Q: What do you want the people to take from this record?

A: I want to push this single all over the world for people to hear and enjoy. I want to open people minds. I want to reach and inspire as many people possible with this single. Along with growing my listenership; gain more supporters. Just grow overall with my audience.

Q: Do you have any EPs coming out this year?

A: Yes. However, I haven’t yet decided on a date but I’m always making music.

Q: Where can the public find you on social media to continue supporting you and everything you do?

A: You can find me on social media worldwide IG: @mspreacherrapper

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