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Unique Speaks: Listen! It’s Time to Wake Up World

Change Your Mindset And Thought Process

Listen! It’s time to wake up .

If nobody else understands how life it self can have a sense of humor, your girl Miss Unique does. But in spite of all of that, we have to realize the world is not out to individually attack us. So, here are a few gems to help with hitting that master reset Button on our minds – let’s do it together for a fresh start.

Stop Thinking the Worst of Every Situation

Listen! It’s time to wake up. Everybody is not plotting on your downfall. Everyone doesn’t want to be you. People that you find watching you more than usual aren’t always spying on you. Everybody you bump into is not at all envious of you. Look at things in a different light. There are some people battling their own insecurities, right? RIGHT! So who knows? These people may be trying to secretly be you and won’t admit that they could never be you. And the reason being is that God don’t make duplicates because each of us have our own DNA: Don’t Need Another. Stop sleeping on yourself.

Learn to Say Less: It’s Time to Wake Up

Life already teaches us daily not to worry about those who like to PUBLICLY shame and talk against us. But in my opinion, we should watch those who PRIVATELY talk to those same people who PUBLICLY talk about us. We need to make it our business to reevaluate this scenario. Many of our problems exit because we make it our business to engage with DEADLY people on a DAILY basis when it comes to our Destiny. They are not stealing our dreams, we are inviting them in and giving it to them. It’s time to WAKE UP.

Time to Start Waking Up with a NEW Mindset

So now that we have had a factory reset on our mind set, we are able to push forward. Stop acting as if we are not going to make it. God Made Us . and everything that HE made was Good. Understand that the thing’s you’re abt to experience is nothing compared to what God has in the form of what we call ELEVATION. It’s time to Wake UP!


You can no longer focus on your pain while in the PROCESS, instead, focus on the Final product and the promises you’ve made in the past. We are in a season that will produce more success than suffering. All we had to do was Reset our Minds.

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Unique Speaks: The “Stuff” You’re Carrying

We Have the Power to Speak Over This Stuff

You have decided to take a chance on The Unique Experience, we are now family. It’s time to identify was exactly do I mean about “STUFF”. I’ve been filling my cup so that I can stay full and pour into you all, my OVERFLOW! ARE YOU READY? In case you didn’t know, you are not alone. I am here for you, and we can fight this battle better together. Everyone’s situation is different, but WE will win.

You Heard it First from Miss Unique: You’re Carrying Too Much STUFF

When we self-destruct, we hide behind so much stuff. Sometimes we have so much to worry about So. Much. STUFF. We carry so many memories that keeps us in a dark place. So. Much. STUFF. There is a lot of shame we have experienced. Too much STUFF! We constantly get blamed for things we cannot change – We carry so much stuff. Often times I find myself complaining to God yelling, ” I can’t move because there is just too much stuff!”

The Consequences of it All

Sometimes you can’t even dream because you carrying too much already. You lose the fire you once had to believe in yourself because of all that you’ve been carrying. You remember that goal you had set at one point in your life that you were so crazy about? No matter how much you think about it, you didn’t meet? Because of the stuff you carry, the load became too heavy to succeed in that. I’m talking to the one’s who are hidden under all that stuff that you’ve accumulated along this journey called life.

Amongst all that stuff, you’ve buried your mind, your heart, and your faith in the rubbish. It’s difficult to move because you’ve been devoured.

Let’s Walk Out of The Rubbish Together

Let’s remind ourselves that we hold the power over our choices in life. We have to constantly tell ourselves we can do whatever we put our minds to do. Let go of the past and live for the future. We have to realize that we go through some stuff in order to know how to help someone else get through stuff and destroy yokes. Some of the things we are carrying were never ours to begin with. Look at it this way, all of the tests we take are for our future testimonies. So, take back your power – you’ve earned it.

I Paid for Power over my life in full! Don’t judge my breakthrough if you don’t know what I’ve been through!

Miss Unique

#GetSOM via @missunique

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The Unique Experience : Listen!!


I often wonder what runs through the minds of the new generation of children today? Have we taken the time out of our busy schedule as parents to listen to them? Its time to slide your parent seat back and get comfortable enough to listen to what your children are trying to tell you. You are not present in your child’s life twenty four hours. often times children face childhood trauma which result in fear and insecurities. We tend to make time for everything else.

I pray for my children daily . It seems like every time I pray for them, it seems as if it gets worse. I never intend to give up on them.


Realistically, parents and children are inseparable when we are doing everything the child wants . But things change when discipline takes place. Some of the disagreements turn for the worse and some times both the parent and the child need a break from each other. Some responses that transfers between the two, are misunderstood because neither person want to listen.


The most hurtful, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking thing to hear is your child tell you how you gave them the “death- ear” when they were crying out for help. The only way to heal is to heal internally which is where all the pain lies. This warfare that is amongst us is here to distract and detour our children.

Not all children get a listening ear. Very few live in a two parent household. Being a child is hard because they are unable to make some decisions. Where do a child go when there isn’t anyone available to listen? Most children struggle because that is what they are around. Children hurt from mother wounds and father wounds. These are the thoughts that ponder the minds of our youth. So the Question to us as parents is are we ready to LISTEN?


Children know their worth. There are strongholds that they are holding on to. Those strongholds are not always physical. Sometimes they come in mental and psychological form. They hold on to so much and they fear change. The biggest communication problem is we DO NOT listen to understand. We listen to Reply. Dreams shatter daily. Sometimes the only way to reach them and give them peace is if they had someone to JUST LISTEN! We are born with two ears and one mouth on purpose!


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The Unique Experience: Breaking the Cycle


BREAK THE CYCLE: I’ve been labeled as the “Black Sheep” in my family for as far as I can remember. Not only did I hold that title, but so did my mother and father in their family. Living by that label for so long put me in a dark place in my life. Most of my dreams and goals were shattered when I opened my mouth to the wrong people.

These people were family and friends. They instantly planted their seeds of doubt, their insecurities, and fears within me. These were the circle of people I looked to and thought would be the perfect people to share with. I looked forward to them giving me sound advice. Of course, mission failed.


So when strangers approached me who were genuine people, I didn’t have room to receive what they were giving. I was filled with doubt, fear and insecurities. Ones that were not my own, but took them as though they were.

While not receptive to anything the strangers had to say. I already had the mindset I wasn’t good enough to reach my full potential. I was being pulled down by people who were afraid to fail and didn’t mind being “Normal.”

When I allowed them to have that much power over me, I caused myself to unconsciously turn down and run away from so many life-changing opportunities. All because I shared my dreams them. Not only that, I shared MY OPPORTUNITIES with them.


My life lesson going forth now is this… Just because you are connected by blood and have history with people, it doesn’t mean those same people see your potential. They’re not rooting for you to make it. Everyone that’s your relative by blood isn’t considered your family.

Your enemies could very well be the friend’s you’ve shared your dreams with. It’s important to have a different circle of people who are on the same level you are striving to reach. You don’t have to stay where you are to make people you grew up with happy and comfortable to be around you. Gain new relationships and break the cycle! It’s never about what you are called but what you answer to!

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Tracey Michelle Talks With DJ Pressure About Healthy Dating

Tracey Michelle

Meet Tracey Michelle

Tracey Michelle is from Bolton, MS and now lives in Clinton, MS. Her goal is to create a place to encourage safe and healthy dating here in Jackson, MS. She has an event on May 20th at @7pm located at 5738 HWY 80 W Jackson, MS 39209 for singles to come out to mix and mingle with the prepose of moving towards a healthy long term relationship. Tracey and I both had been in unhealthy marriages that lead to being single parents but neither did she nor I stop there. It created an opportunity and space for self-reflection and understanding of our purpose which allowed this conversation to take place.

Are you single or are you dating? If you are single, could it be because of the challenges of actually finding someone who is compatible with your personality and beliefs? Do you find yourself losing faith in believing that you could possibly be in a healthy and happy relationship with an opposite or same-sex individual? I am here to tell you that there is someone out there for you and not to lose hope. During this interview, we uncovered so many tips on dating and red flags to look for to avoid an unhealthy relationship. The discussion covered healthy dating activities, how healthy dating affects your health, what unhealthy dating leads to, and signs to look for when dating.

Tracey Michelle With DJ Pressure

Healthy Dating Activities

There are so many things we can do to help get connected with our partners but seems to run out of ideas. The activities include:

  • Dancing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Staying Home (dinner, Netflix, game night)
  • Talking over Wine and Chocolate (home, lake, park)
  • Weekend getaways
  • Bowling
  • Horseback riding
  • Going on Couples Retreats

Dating Affecting Your Health

Dating healthy and helping lead to a healthier and long life. Have you noticed that when you were in a happy space in your previous relationship it helped you handle things a lot differently because you were more calm in your responses? Dating gives you something to look forward to and to be happy about seeing that person or being around that person so your mind is always on “cloud nine” as they say. There is no room for negativity because you are in your happy space. When you are in this space it helps lower the blood pressure and stress hormones that would result in anxiety, anger, or other unhealthy issues in relation to your body and mind. On the positive side, releasing those stress hormones can be done by holding hands, hugging, and having a healthy but active sexual relationship with your partner. You don’t want to end up a Madea, do you? LOL

What Unhealthy Dating Leads To

  • Depression
  • Financial Issues
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Also Failed or Broken Close Family and Friends Relationships

It is important to acknowledge the signs of this type of behavior sooner than later. The later you wait to address it and move on is actually the worse the situation will get. You will find yourself in situations that are very difficult to get out of or maybe even life-threatening. Never allow a person the control to take you away from those who make you who you are and play a huge part in your life. This is a method used to isolate you resulting in manipulation, control, and neglect of your emotional well-being.

Top 10 Signs To Look For When Dating

  • a person who is condescending
  • jealous/ always dependent on you
  • neglectful of your emotional/ physical needs
  • abusive
  • cheater/ unfaithful
  • moody most of the time
  • inconsiderate
  • selfish/self-absorbed
  • sexual attractions to others/ a person who sexualizes others
  • someone who withholds sex as a punishment or to control you

All of these are very important signs to acknowledging a “GET OUT” warning. I encourage anyone in relationships or dating someone with these signs to self-reflect and know your worth. It’s never worth the trouble in the end. The person that deserves to be in your life will be the opposite of every sign listed above. That person will love everything about you and will even encourage you to be the best person you desire to be in this life.

#GetSOM via @madcappodcast & click here to celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle and culture.

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Beautiful, Young, Black & Successful | Britney Brent

Britney Boss Queen Brent

Meet Britney Brent

Have you ever run across someone so inspirational and hardworking that it made you do a self-check? Check out this young lady from Canton, MS by the name of Britney Brent. She’s 33 years old born August 21, as Leo at its finest. Britney is the 2nd oldest of 8. 2 sisters and 5 brothers on her mom’s side, (Vera Brent), and father (Willie C Love). She has 5 sisters and 4 brothers.

Although her childhood growing up in Mississippi seemed to be a little rough, Britney is considered a survivor. She graduated from Canton High School in 2008 and received an Associate in Business from Holmes Community College. Killing the game as a fitness trainer and role model, she hopes to inspire others through hard work and determination.

Britney Brent TopNotch FitQueens
Britney Brent TopNotch FitQueens Waist Trainer

Not Only a Client

Britney is the CEO of TopNotch FitQueens. Weighing as much as 275 pounds, she now weighs 175. Britney looks better than ever. Britney has overcome her insecurities and is now more confident than ever.

This journey was not easy at all but she knew she had to start somewhere. It took getting out of the shower one day. Taking one long look in the mirror to feel unhappy about her physical appearance. She began to make changes.

Britney Brent

Britney had failed in fasting and meal prepping after one week. A 2-pound weight loss caused her to wanna give up, but she knew that wasn’t an option. She continued to fight back. One day after work she decided to try one more time to shop for healthier foods. So she began to take action by walking every day starting with 3 miles until she had reached 10 miles a day losing 10 pounds in one week.

Starting to see some results, Britney became more confident and determined to get her weight off so she created a flyer to gather others to encourage them to workout alongside her with little to no support. Instead of focusing on the negative she placed more and more energy into her well-being and later connected with others in the fitness business.

Unsuccessful with her fitness business in 2016 and the lack of sales in waist trainers by only selling 10 out of 25 in a month, she still managed to lose 86 pounds by the end of the year. In 2019 she began to support another fitness trainer and their products and began to realize that all of her hard work could actually pay off if she worked hard for herself.

Britney Brent

In Conclusion

She created TOPNOTFITQUEENS.LLC in 2020 in which she has her own waist trainers and is also well known all over Facebook with 39k followers and supporters. She started out with 5 participants in her fitness class but because she was so humble it felt like 100 participants.

Her only fear is to fail knowing how hard she had worked to get this far but that does not outweigh her goal which is to be a role model and inspiration to those who suffer from weight loss and look to seek a less healthier outcome which is weight loss surgery. 

Britney wants to tell the world “Never give up, you will be tested over and over. Giving up will only cause you to fail. Keep going even if no one is looking, keep going even if you are not being supported the way you want to be because one day you will be able to tell your story and how you survived”.

#GetSOM via @madcappodcast

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