September 2023

Gojas Bodega – Hispanic Heritage Month Honors

Hispanic Heritage Month - Sonia Sotomayor

…In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d would like to honor prominent individuals in our culture and society.

Today’s pick is Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor is the first Latina to become a member of the US Supreme Court. Appointed by former president Barack Obama in 2009 almost exactly one month prior to her 55th birthday.

Born June 25th, 1954 in the Bronx in New York, she self-identifies as Nuyorican—a member of the Puerto Rican diaspora located in New York City. Prior to becoming a Supreme Court member, she was the Assistant District Attorney for New York County.

She has written dissenting opinions on issues of racial and ethnic profiling. Sonia was also part of the majority ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Ms. Sotomayor is known for her trust in judicial processes and cut-throat attitude towards ill or under prepared lawyers.

Woman like this make little Hispanic girls want more and set a wonderful example.
It shows that no matter what your background, you can move forward and be successful. 

Join me in celebrating Sonia Sotomayor and the countless other influential individuals in our culture this Hispanic Heritage Month!

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Journalist Bae | K. Michelle’s “The Problem”

K Michelle Country Album

[This is] A Love Letter to my fans. For over 10 years y’all have rallied and rebelled with me. No politics, no bs, just some real R&B


K. Michelle Confession

K Michelle has declared that “I’m The Problem” and on Friday, September 22nd, she will release a confessional album. K Michelle has always been our ballad belting girlie, but she’s calling it quits. She’s been able to produce music with incredible people across the industry from Yo Gotti, Kash Doll, to Missy Elliott, to Trina & the City Girls. However, this will be the final R&B album from the “Crazy Like You” singer.

Now, this is an 18-track album with a bonus song. The album is very true to the K Michelle production we know, but with demanding country music influences. That doesn’t take away from the rawness she’s giving. Like in “YOU” where she explains, “Even if I don’t say it doesn’t mean that I’m not messed up.”

Introducing Puddin’

Just because she’s throwing in the towel with R&B doesn’t mean she is hopping out of the game anytime soon. Stepping into 2024, she’s singing strictly country music. She will now present herself under the moniker ‘Puddin’, which is originally a family nickname. This is a major win for the artist because she’s made it clear that in the past she had NO OWNERSHIP to her art and made more money from being a Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador than she has from selling any music. In addition, she’s definitely had her fair share of battles with labels about not only artistry, but the overall direction of her brand. Currently, she’s signed to MNRK Music Group (Blueface, Sevyn Streeter, RZA) which is an independent label.

Via Thrive Global


  1. Intro: Lot of Nothing
  2. Memphis
  3. No Pain
  4. Blame Yourself
  5. Love Language
  6. YOU
  7. Lot of Nothing, Pt. 2
  8. Big Deal
  9. Wherever the D May Land
  10. Hurt Sh*t
  11. I Cheat
  12. Only One
  13. Gangsta In Me
  14. Lot of Nothing, Pt. 3
  15. This Man
  16. Scooch
  17. God Knew
  18. Same Damn Show
  19. Tennessee (Bonus Track)

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