[MUSIC NEWS] IamStylezMusic Releases “Back To My Roots”

IamStylezMusic just released his single “Hey Mama Africa” and accompanying video July 21st as the perfect momentum builder for the release of his full album Back To My Roots which is available via iTunes. In less than a day the digital download has come out on top, hitting the number one spot on the iTunes pre-order chart in the reggae genre and fifth on the list in the best-seller category. This is big, and possibly even bigger than it seems given the significance of a success like this.

A few years ago iTunes changed their own rules for determining the performance of sales, and specifically how each purchase is categorized in terms of their positioning in comparison to others. At present day the way it works is that singles are a critical component of success as they are now used to help influence album pre orders directly. Essentially by organizing the debut in such a way IamStylezMusic’s newly released single is counted in the numerical tabulation used for assessing the chart position
for the album release.

These days it’s not just about sales, streaming services like Apple music run their own record keeping that serves many purposes when comes to monitoring analytics. That being said, it’s worth noting that above all it does help the artist see how they stack up when it comes to the amount of times a song is played or listen to with or without an order. When you think about it IamStylezMusic grasp of the business aspect of the industry reiterates his abilities go beyond songwriter and performer.



Purchase Back To My Roots here

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