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THE QUEST CHRONICLES: I’VE OUTGROWN YOU We can grow up together, go to school together, work together or even do a bid together but that doesn’t mean we’re meant to be in each other’s lives forever. Some people believe that since we spent all this time together; we’re stuck with each other. That’s not true. To a certain degree, you don’t owe anyone anything.

 As we grow older, we start to have different interests, we start to experience other things and now we’re not on the same wave link. Friends outgrew each other and that’s ok. You can be a go-getter and they can be a couch potato; that doesn’t mix so don’t try to make it just because of the years invested. 

In relationships, you’ve been stagnant & stale for years that you feel like you should continue to be together even though you’re unhappy. That’s unhealthy and not fair to your heart. Time to evaluate some things that may hurt feelings but will be better for you in the future. Thank me later.


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