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They say one hand washes the other but when I look at it, sometimes it may seem that one ends up being cleaner than the other. We’re supposed to be helping each other out but many don’t pull their weight on their end which can cause a problem. I’ve always been the supportive type and always willing to help. As I got older and became a full time entrepreneur, being so helpful had to be minimized. Always being there for people and helping out for free does not pay the bills.

Not saying that everything I do should be compensated but at least most of it. If people can’t contribute financially, you shouldn’t feel no type of way. If someone respectfully tells you that they can’t help especially not for free; It’s not always personally. In many cases it’s just business or their personal reality.

Let’s be real, people always looking for a helping hand and as soon as you need them, they’re nowhere to be found. Not saying everyone is like this but it is common. I like to treat everyone and every situation differently. For example: I am a voice over specialist, I get paid for my services but many still try to receive my work for free. My price, based off what of many you  make is no compassion but you still trying it get a hand out.

It’s sad but that’s just people for you. Instead of getting in my feelings or simply just tell them no, I try new tactics. If it’s a foreigner looking for Dj drops & I know their currency is different, I bargain with them. I have them download my mobile app, ask them to tell their friends to do the same, have them share my content and stream my music. Most are so grateful that they’re happy to do it. No money exchange but a win win on both ends. Cases like this doesn’t work for everyone or every scenario, but the purpose of this example is to help you open your eyes to how to handle situations differently. Especially if it can benefit you. Don’t lose the sale, find a way to still get it.


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TieNeL Fashion Is Open And Snappin’!

Custom form fitting fashions by TieNeL.
Custom form fitting fashions by TieNeL.

Dreams have come true for Philadelphia fashionista Tiffany Nichole. TieNeL Fashion has launched and is open to the public. Being an entrepreneur and producer of her own vision is something that Tiffany has always envisaged. She also has a supportive team that works with her diligently. She took a moment out of her time in the middle of the night to let me know the important facts about her new empire.

Ladyy: What is the significance of the name TieNeL?

Tiffany: TieNeL is pronounced T-N-L, and those are my initials.

Ladyy: What was the driving force behind this operation and how long has this been a dream?

Tiffany: For as long as I could remember, I’ve always had a huge issue with wearing what everyone else was wearing, and also with being dissatisfied with the things that were offered.

Ladyy: How did TieNeL Come to Be?

Tiffany: I took matters into my own hands & began reconstructing things that I would buy, then I decided to go to school for Textile & Apparel Studies, & this year, I decided to start my own business.

Ladyy: Do you have designers, or are you hands on?

Tiffany: I design and construct all of my garments myself. I have a team that helps me run my social networks and my website, but I am extremely hands on because I’m very particular about how I want my brand to be publicized. Nothing is done without my consent or input.

Ladyy: What is the goal of the company?

Tiffany: I aim to over women unique garments that make them feel sexy, independent, and at their highest point of confidence.


Tiffany Nichole

The site launched this past week featuring the first pieces available to the public, there will be more to come and custom orders are optional as well. Start shopping at

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