Cardi, Cardi, Cardi B. You’re my girl! But I’m going to have to see you in the parking lot about this one. I know you’re going through a lot, but this right here is unacceptable my girl.

Y’all may have seen the photoshoot Cardi B did earlier this year for her cool topping product, Whip Shots. It was literally one of the cutest things I’ve seen all holiday season. She has all kinds of flavors for all time of year, ranging from lime to pumpkin spice to mocha, with the most special ingredient included, VODKA!

For the past year, I’ve bought various flavors, in various sizes, in various parts of the country and they either dispensed NOTHING or very little. Don’t get it twisted – this is NOT an isolated incident and I’m not the only one who has experienced this. Users have gone to social media to express their displeasure and frustration. To sum it up, “This the weakest sh*t ever!” I don’t know, I’m just saying you won’t get any more of my money until you fix it.

The directions are extremely simple and ineffective: slap it, shake it, whip it. I DID THAT! Everything I can to make it work since there’s clearly substance in the can. Even run it under hot water. I GOT NOTHING! Like I told you, I love Bardi, however I’m mad as heck I spent my money on this. I can’t even make this up you guys – but perhaps I’m the idiot for being a stan. Do better, babe.

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