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Hi my beautiful faces. Motivational Moment: Give Thanks is my tribute to one of America’s favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. On last month many celebrated with others, while some viewed it as just another day. Personally, I think it was a great time to GIVE THANKS for all that you have. This is something we should do everyday, but my prayer is last month you took the time to truly look at your life and say THANK YOU.

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Every morning you have an opportunity to see a new day. That is called a present. Take pride in that gift and value it. Things maybe bad right now, but GIVE THANKS. No matter your situation try to say thank you. I believe everything happens in our life for a reason. Sometimes we don’t see the purpose right off. If you hold on, at some point there will be a moment of reflection. At that time you will start to put all of the pieces together.


Motivational Moment: Give Thanks is not limited to one month. This is the season to reflect and rejoice. In the upcoming year strive to give thanks for the small things. In doing so you will have a new appreciation for the bigger wins. Giving thanks releases a lot of stress that we put on ourselves. Everyone is worried about not being valued or appreciated, so it’s easy to get caught up in who didn’t say THANK YOU.

I gotta give thanks, you know?
I never really met nobody who was truly successful that wasn’t thankful (Straight up, woah)
For the good and the bad (Go time)
It made me who I am

DJ KHALED – Thankful

Now my Beautiful Faces, I need you to take notes from my guy DJ Khaled. He understands the importance of giving thanks, no matter the situation. The good and the bad play a part in who we are. Keep in mind that everyone will not tell you thank you. People will see your hard work and never say a word, that’s ok. You continue to strive for greatness because you will receive a THANK YOU when you least expect it. Your goal is to say thank you, appreciate life and all that comes with it

Alright my beautiful faces I hope you have an amazing day. Be sure to come back for some more motivation. Until then Straight Official Magazine. If you need another dose of KimdaSSB, check me out on Monday 8 – 10pm CST or follow me on Instagram @Mzkim2012.

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