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King James Worthy & Big Gipp Release “Gipp N Worthy”

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

In the mid-1990s, Big Gipp was a member of the Atlanta-based hip hop group Goodie Mob. Which he has gone on to release six studio albums. The group had a hit with their song “Cell Therapy” in 1995, and Gipp was also featured on the soundtrack for the film Soul Food that same year. Gipp parted ways with Goodie Mob 1999, but the group reunited in 2005 and released a new album in 2010.

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"
King James Worthy

James Allen Worthy is an American record producer, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. Worthy’s production, and work includes various recording artists like Fetty Wap6LACKTruth HurtsRobin S, and 112. Worthy came to prominence working, producing, and writing for artists such as J HolidayRobin S.KuruptYung Berg, and many others.  

King James Worthy and Big Gipp Drop New Ep "Gipp n Worthy"

King James Worthy and Big Gipp, first met when Kurupt invited Big Gipp to a studio session. The Studio was at King James Worthy’s house, and these guys have been close friends ever since. Their new album Gipp n Worthy, is currently #9 on the iTunes charts and has been streamed over 1 million times.

Fans can expect a players moodset. The duo credits their creative push from one another, forcing each-other to step out of their normal elements. This is King James Worthy first full project with another artist and this happens to be the first time Big Gipp taylored and catered his music intentionally towards the ladies.

Stepping out of their comfort zones made this a successful collaboration and ability to create music that resonates.

Swag 100 had the chance to interview and review the Gippp N Worthy projecct with Dj PMoney from the NYC Fleetdjs.

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Lil Nas X Calls On The Hot Girls For ‘Montero’

#GetSOM via @mochathemack

Lil Nas X (Photo Cred: Lil Nas X’s IG Page)

LIL NAS X (born Montero Hill) released a controversial debut album on September 17th of this year. I can’t say I favor every song however, there is definitely one song that I had to add to the Fine Girl Fall playlist. As we say goodbye to Hot Girl Summer, Lil Nas teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion to let the haters know that they can run with the rumors. These breakout stars are staying true to themselves regardless of the narrative.

Track 9, “Dollar Sign Slime” is more than enough for me to give ‘MONTERO’ a seal of approval. People tend to give dude a bad rep by saying that he capitalized on kids with “Old Town Road” and then switched up on his audience. I have to completely disagree. I don’t think Lil Nas X ever intended on kids being his target audience. “Old Town Road” happened to become a catchy tik tok tune much like Megan’s “Savage”. Truth be told, the album is not that bad. Folks just don’t like it because y’all don’t know how to monitor these kids. I digress.

All the real hot girls know that when you hear “REAL HOT GIRL SH*T”, it’s about to go down. Even if it was a solo track, I still would enjoy it but Meg just makes it 10x better. In less than 10 days, the audio visual has racked up over 7 million views because y’all know the vibes. The song is amongst the top 3 most listened to songs on the album joining self titled “Montero” & “Industry Baby”. All in all, congratulations to Lil Nas X and all of his collaborators for the 217 million streams in the first week via Spotify.

Lil Nas X (Photo Cred: Lil Nas X IG page)

Just last week, Nas let the fans #askMONTERO questions via twitter after the album release. These are some of the things they really wanted to know:

Stream Dollar Sign Slime here.

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