Ness: The Philly Bad Boy

Lloyd Mathis, known by his stage name Ness, is a talented American rapper and battle MC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He rose to prominence through his participation in Diddy’s MTV reality show, Making the Band 2, from 2002 to 2004.

Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

Ness’s journey continued as he signed with Bad Boy Records. He earned songwriting credits on Diddy’s 2006 album, Press Play. During his time on MTB2, Ness became known for his intense on-camera battle rap with Da Band member, Jae Millz. This battle became a notable example of a cappella battle rap in mainstream media at the time.

Ness later returned to his battle rap roots in 2010. He would captivate audiences with his stage presence, writing skills, and fast-paced flows unique to the vibrant Philadelphia rap scene.

Since then, he has showcased his talent on some of the biggest platforms in the battle rap culture, including King of the Dot, URL, Rare Breed Entertainment, Don’t Flop, Gates of the Garden, and Grind Time Now.

Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

New Ventures

Throughout his career, Ness has faced jokes about his infamous task of fetching a cheesecake for Diddy during his Making the Band days. However, in a remarkable turn of events, Ness has redefined the cheesecake joke by launching “Ness Philadelphia Cheesecake”, a brand that has gained popularity within the music industry and hip-hop culture. This demonstrates his ingenuity and ability to transform a seemingly negative experience into a successful venture.

Since the Covid 19 days, Ness has been on a relentless mission to redefine himself. I have personally witnessed his remarkable rebranding journey. I have had the privilege of building a strong relationship with Ness, to the extent that he would visit my studio to write his rounds for upcoming battles, create reference tracks, or simply hang out and relax.

One thing that Ness consistently does is break the algorithm on Instagram every week. Since 2019, he has been dropping unique freestyle videos that go viral, showcasing his impressive rhyme schemes and captivating the attention of fans worldwide.

E Ness
Photo Credits: Brian Raymond

There was a time when the Philadelphia hip-hop industry felt that Ness was being overlooked or even blackballed. However, as of 2024, there is no denying the mainstream and underground presence of “Lew,” also known as the “Lockness Monster.” Ness’s relentless branding efforts and innovative business models have paved new lanes for him and garnered the attention and recognition he deserves.

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LIK MOSS: Good Book

lik moss

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LIK MOSS Releases his album “Good Book” which has a short film based around the album title. Our SWAG 100 Podcast team was personally invited to capture the behind the scene footage of Lik Moss (Godd Book) private screening held in Philadelphia.

Good Book Private Screening

The short film “GOOD BOOK” is narrated to teach the youth and bring awareness about the current gun violence that over shadows the city of Philadelphia and abroad throughout the United States.

Good Book Premiere

Lik Moss is Making headlines throughout the social media and podcasting world, dropping multiple projects – features and freetlyes. Lik Moss has been doing one hell of a job carrying the flag of OBH RECORDs after his brother “AR-AB” incarseration.

Swag 100 has been following Lik Moss since the beginning of time. SWAG 100 grew a personal relationship with Lik Moss in person during the “Free Da Men” & “Bring The Streets Back” Concerts put together by Getcha Weightup Twine.

Shortly after these concerts Lik dropped his “Bear Season” project which we were invited to the Private Album Release Party.That’s where SWAG 100 grew a the great relationship with Lik Moss.

Bear Season Release Party

Unlike most independent artist Lik Moss seems to pack the house with his die hard fansbase. when Lik puts together his screenings, release parties and personal concerts. His friends – family – fans and his OBH brothers fills the house and supports the new movement – look and sound Moss has created.

When it comes to Philadelphia’s HipHop you have no choice but to put Lik Moss in your todays Top 5.

Lik has the music that feeds the streets. This newstyle of rap Lik Moss is distributing is raw subtance – hardlines – metaphores – punchlines – storytelling – flow and delivery, which is undeniable.

We have seen Lik with Benny The Butcher, Kevin Gates and many others which tells us that he’s moving in the right directions with some of the other independents that buzzing and has a hold on the streets.

Lik Moss is a genius in a musical sense taking advantage of todays technology, his Good Book Project is not just musical body of work. It’s actually a true project that had multiple rolls outs, such as the Good Book NFT – Good Book Lyric Book – Good Book Short film as well as having several designs of Good Book Merch.

If you ask us, Lik Moss is imprinting his name – label and city amongst the industry elites.

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