Straight Official Sit Downs: Jovan Marie

JOVAN MARIE is an R&B artist on the rise. Straight Official had the pleasure of catching up with her to chop it up about her moves and motives.


Introduce yourself to our readers. What first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

My name is Jovan Marie and I was born in Vallejo, California. I began singing
at a young age. While I noticed early I had a talent and passion, I didn’t think much into the industry itself. I focused on the magic and freedom I heard in every voice on the radio.

Who and/or what inspires you to create?

In my musical journey my mother and my community are the constants. I loved and idolized artists like Prince, Whitney, Mariah and Beyonce. I would be dishonest if I did not mention that
everyone I’ve ever heard from any genre has inspired me to create. My gift inspires me and challenges me as well.

How would you describe your sound?

I am very grateful that I have my own sound. I’m classically trained and have dedicated many years to Christian chorus , worship and solo music. Over the years I focused on diversity. I appreciate the art form itself.
It allowed me to gravitate towards all genres which in turn, helped me to become a versatile artist.


What was your process in coming up with this song?

For Real Good Love , the lyric content came from the heart. I set up a session with Coe.b out of Los Angeles. I had a 2 hour slot time and my objective was to complete the song in that time. On Passion and Pressure he produced and engineered the song for me at his apartment. I took it home and knocked it out. I was inspired to add some Hip-Hop flavor to the track.

If you could add somebody to the song who would it be and why?

I would only choose Go Head Boy . It would be a woman who empowered to release her anger yet take a humble route. It would be nice if she was from the Bay Area. Or simply Beyonce.

My spirit and experiences shapes all of my expressions. I’m observant and sensitive. I express big. It’s just me.

Jovan Marie on how she is influenced

Who is Jovan Marie outside of music ?

Outside of music I’m a mother. A 9 years old girl gift with many talents as well. She sings and creates music. It’s an honor to support and encourage her. I work in hospitality and have educated myself in financial literacy and multiple streams of income and investments.

What’s the craziest thing a fan said to you ?

The craziest thing fan said to me was, “I’ll drink your bath water and wipe myself in your sweat.” They said it would give them my powers (laughs)

I will never stop doing music or performing. It’s in me to thrive off my expression. Longevity in it means life.

Jovan Marie


Is there something you would change if you could with your project or song ?

I would always desire a team to assist with perfecting the sound, having more fund and minds involved brings more energy and success to any project.

What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself next year?

I’d like to see investors, a deal with a major label, collabs with up and coming artist and established. More rapports with talented musicians and producers. I want to perform on stages where people come to see me and
other gifted artists.

This is a fun question. If stranded on an island, what 4 things would you have to have ?

I would have to say camping gears, form of communication, protection and food.

What would you tell a person not to do in the music biz ?

Never let your ego get in front of your passion.


To stay up to date with Jovan Marie, follow her on Instagram (@4jovanmarie). You can check out her website at where you can join her mailing list for booking and exclusive information.

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Shane Thompson – “I Should’ve Done Better” Featuring Wyatt Roberts

singer shane thompson, shane thompson music, thumbnail image from singer shane thompson music video for I Should've Done Better featuring Wyatt Robers

Singer Shane Thompson releases his new music video for his single “I Should’ve Done Better” featuring Wyatt Roberts. “I Should’ve Done Better” is an upbeat pop hit about admitting mistakes in a failed relationship and asking for another chance.

Shane Thompson was born in Memphis before moving to Mississippi where he currently lives. He began recording with a friend when he was in high school. He learned to record himself and now owns and operates S.A.T. Studios near Jackson, Mississippi.

Shane’s smooth pop/R&B vocal styles draw comparisons to Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Jake Miller.

Click Here to stream Shane Thomson and Wyatt Roberts “I Should’ve Done Better” on all platforms:

Follow @its.shaneee on Social MediaInstagram | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

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London Rapper Cherryibee Debuts New Hit Single “Did Me So Rotten” | @cherryibee_1

#GetSOM via @essince

UK recording artist CHERRYIBEE (pronounced “Cherry-bee”) released her debut single “Did Me So Rotten”. The single shares her experiences of navigating success through jealousy and being held back by the ones who should be supportive.

Cherryibee first began her career as a child by writing songs and eventually gained attention by performing at school assemblies and wherever she could. She found her voice combining styles of influential artists like Lil Kim, Movado, and Gucci Mane with the wide variety of music she grew up on from country to soul, and reggae.

Her debut single “Did Me So Rotten” (produced by Slayer Tracks and engineered by Startrex) was released through her Cherrybee Entertainment imprint and is available now digitally worldwide. 

Listen to the Cherryibee’s single “Did Me So Rotten” at and follow @cherryibee_1 on Instagram.

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